How To Maintain Concrete Cooling Tower?

Everything comes with an expiry date. Even structures made of reinforced concrete need maintenance to function continuously as a critical foundation support asset. Various cooling tower repairing institutes suggest that if any person fails to sustain concrete cooling towers in good condition, he has to pay heavy installments later for repairing and replacement.

Regardless of the design and model of cooling tower, aggressive environment degrades the structure if you don’t perform scheduled maintenance for the cooling tower. Every machine needs maintenance and cooling tower is no different.

How To Maintain Concrete Cooling Tower?

Manufacturers building cooling towers to specifications

Regardless of how stringent designing documents are prepared, if manufacturers don’t use Quality Assurance / Quality Control practices effectively, they won’t be able to produce premium quality cooling towers. Owners rely mostly on robust specifications and fall down miserably with Quality control/ Quality Assurance during executing the task. Major construction defects can be in following forms-

  • Poor construction document detailing
  • Inferior material product substitution
  • Inappropriate specified construction materials
  • Poor quality craftsmanship
  • Abuse/Damage to the structure during the construction
  • Disregard for recommendations of manufacturers related to applications and result in installing specified construction materials.

There are different types of issues that you may encounter in concrete cooling towers. To repair them, you need to call repairing professionals for assistance. You can prevent re occurrence of these issues in the cooling tower by performing scheduled maintenance practice on regular basis. Some of the issues are as under-

  • Leaking cracks in the reinforced walls and base slab
  • Embedded waters top leakage
  • Cohesion/adhesion joint sealant failures
  • Expansion joint deterioration
  • Leakage in the joint
  • Mechanical penetration leaks
  • Lack of support for superstructure
  • Anchor bolt corrosion
  • Vegetation obstruction and algae growth
  • Differential settlement of the basin wall/base slab

How to resolve the issues in concrete cooling tower?

There are three approaches to resolve the issues. One is to locate the defect. Next is qualifying the distress mechanisms and find the root cause of the defect. Third, quantify the repair amount to assess methodology of repair. In other words, find whether you need a replacement job or repairing.

By combining NDT and Semi destructive testing techniques, you will be able to find the issues quickly. Cooling tower repairing experts repairs and replacement jobs. If you need any assistance, call them anytime from anywhere.

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