Luxury Kitchens With Window Seats

The idea of having a cosy window seat that overlooks the beautiful outdoors definitely makes your kitchen more inviting. After all, more and more luxury homes are now opting for large glass windows to let in natural light, so window seats make a lot of sense.

With social kitchens quickly becoming the norm, installing a window seat is the perfect addition to hosting small gatherings with your family and friends. Aside from that, it’s also an ideal spot to relax while reading a book and enjoying your afternoon tea.

The perfect window seat is all about having the right colour palette, the right style, along with the right placement. Let these practical and space-savvy design ideas inspire you to have your very own!

Add a Hint of Colour

Hint of Colour

Window seating should not be all about functionality, as you can also use it to enhance the style potential of your kitchen.

Since most modern and luxury kitchens seem to be draped in neutral tones along with plenty of white, the window seat is a great way of adding in bright colours without having to compromise your scheme. Everything from the cushions to the seat covers can easily be changed depending upon the season and the ever-changing trends. It’s convenient and cost-effective at the same time!

Stylish Seating for Small Spaces

Stylish seating for small spaces

A large window seat that lets you lie down and take a quick nap really sounds amazing, but not all of us have plenty of space in our kitchen for such a luxurious design statement.

So for those home owners whose a little bit short on both resources and space, a tiny window seating with built-in cabinets is the perfect alternative. Not only does it give you a cosy spot in the kitchen, but it also helps in concealing extra kitchenware that you don’t use on a daily basis. It can also be used as a small breakfast nook for you and your family! Just place a small table and you’re good to go.

Get the Modern Look

the modern look

Mounting a large window seat at the corner of the kitchen that overlooks the outdoor is now a more common sight in modern kitchens. From box-style designs that create the illusion of a room within a room to custom-made wooden window seats that perfectly fits your home interior, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this design trend.

Thinking of a new way to amp up your luxury kitchens? Opt for these cosy window seats now!


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