Looking To Buy A Bridal Lehenga? Check These Tips Out

Maybe, you are checking the 100th lehenga for your wedding when the shop owner may say this is the latest design. That is fine! But, it may not solve your problem. Getting married is the best event in the life of any woman and naturally you would like to look like a princess on that special day. No doubt, getting a perfect dress is no fun as you may think. You are likely to make costly mistakes in case you are not careful in buying your bridal lehenga and on the contrary if you give due consideration to certain points, you are less likely to commit blunders.

Looking To Buy A Bridal Lehenga? Check These Tips Out

Here are some tips that the would-be brides will find useful for purchasing their dress for the big day.

  1. Do sufficient homework

Doing homework always pays dividend. Before you go the shopping mall for buying your bridal lehenga, you should make sure what should be the best for your body figure. Check the current fashion trends and prices online and fix your budget. This will help you a lot when you are out for shopping.

  1. Do not shop too early

The fashion landscape is changing every day. Buying very early may lead to wearing an outdated lehenga on the day of your wedding. If you want a tailored dress, order it giving allowance for stitching time and for buying a ready-to-wear lehenga better to buy it one or two weeks before wedding.

  1. Choose the right lingerie

Selecting the right lingerie is vital for choosing lehengas for brides because these can enhance or spoil your dress on the big day. A bra that does not fit properly will make you uncomfortable and will definitely ruin your appearance. So, choose the right one to keep you in proper shape.

  1. Do not try too many dresses

All shops have quite a large stock of wedding lehengas. Trying many of these will make you more confused than convinced. After all, you will buy only lehenga and so confine your trials within a few to avoid the frustration of being indecisive.

  1. Do not disclose identity or purpose

Never disclose your identity or tell the sales person that you are looking for designer lehengas for the brides to gain psychological advantage on pricing. Better, ask for a sangeet lehenga and then improvise it with embroidery and matching dupatta for giving the final shape.

  1. Check fitting

Fitting is the most important factor for all bridal dresses. So check fitting closely when buying a read-to-wear lehenga. You should check the fittings by sitting and bending down so that you are not uncomfortable on the day of your wedding.

  1. Try the Dupatta

The present bridal trend is to use two dupattas: one over the head and the other over the shoulder. While buying lehengas for brides you must check whether these two go well with the dress.

  1. Opt for a lighter one

The designer lehengas for brides are usually available with heavy embellishment. Mind, you have to wear it for a long time. As such, you should get one that is lighter other parameters remaining same.

  1. Click and check

You must take a selfie wearing the lehenga you selected and check how you actually look before you finalize.

  1. Never shop with many people

Your bridal dress is the most important attire in your life and it should therefore be a perfect fit. Several opinions coming together are sure to divert you from what you had in your mind initially. If possible ask your mummy to accompany you or take a friend or relative whose opinion you value to shop without any stress.

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