Long-term Effects Of Technology On Human Life

Unlike old times, we’re living in well-structured homes, eating properly cooked food and traveling faster than ever. This advanced living style is an incredible result of technology developments. With every latest invention, our lives become even more luxurious than before. This era of high tech has made the world a better place for humans by providing access to every luxury of life. From traveling to communication and business to personal life technology has influenced our lives pretty significantly. It won’t be wrong to say that technology has shrunk this world by making global interaction possible. With its magical inventions and technical devices, the tasks that took hours to complete in previous times can now be done in less than a minute. But remember ‘everything comes with a price’. Although technology has improved our lives in diverse ways but it has also caused some serious negative effects.

This article will further discuss the long-term advantageous and disadvantageous effects of technology in order to formulate a final conclusion.

Advantageous effects

Long-term Effects Of Technology On Human LifeTechnology has upgraded our lives by introducing latest techniques and advanced devices in every field of life. We’ll assess its biggest inventions under four major categories:

Traveling:Technology has redefined the ways of traveling. With the invention of cars and trains, ground traveling has become faster and efficient. And it didn’t stop there! Technology has also made aerial traveling possible. By using aeroplanes and helicopters we can travel from one end of the world to another conveniently. The cruise ships have made difficult journey of oceans not only quicker and easier but incredibly luxurious.

Communicating:Technology has made numerous developments in the field of communication. From mobile phones to laptops and live broadcast to video calling, technology has benefited people with the easy and quick communication advancements. The seven seas across interactions are now possible with this magical technology of the internet.

Healthcare: Technology has introduced an ample number of diagnostic devices and treatment techniques that are saving millions of people regularly. The latest effective drugs and efficient ways of surgery are helping doctors in emergency situations. The technologies like MRI, CT scan and radiation help physicians in diagnosing the problem properly in order to treat it accordingly.

Homes: Our homes will become vacant if we take out all the technology devices. A sound system in the bedroom, television in sitting lounge, fridge in the kitchen, washing machine in bathroom and air-conditioner in drawing room explains it all! We cook while using an electric stove and do cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Our home life has become just full of comfort!

Disadvantageous effects

Technology is secretly harming us while providing various benefits. We never consider focusing on its disadvantages because we’re blindly influenced by its advantages. Let’s have a look at few now:

Long-term Effects Of Technology On Human Life

Disturbed social life: The gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets have engaged us pretty badly that we are totally neglecting our social lives. Instead of becoming active in family and friends gatherings, we’re always busy in scrolling our Facebook news feed. We’re losing our relations and leading towards permanent isolation.

Accidents: Technology has escalated road accidents as people cross busy roads while using mobile phones and laptops. They become cripple as a result of such accidents and curse themselves for rest of their lives.

Eyesight problems: Using smartphones and laptops for longer duration’s can cause eyesight problems. The brightness of screen damages your eyesight and might result in permanent blindness.

All in all, technology’s basic purpose behind each invention is to make this world a better place for living. And it’s our responsibility to understand that excess of everything is bad. Therefore, take advantage of technology but make its use limited to avoid long-term problems.

Author bio: This article has been written by Oliver Charles. He is a computer specialist and also writes blogs for assignment writing service. Charles graduated from a public university in Orlando in June2004.

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