Lighting Your Home With Skylights

Skylights can make major contributions to your family home, not only for energy efficiency but for your comforts. Skylights can be added as an extra in your existing home, or installed for when you move into your new home. With a little investment, you can drastically transform any room in your home with fresh air and daylight. In the long run, having skylights installed in your home will help reduce your utility bills.

Did you know that not only are skylights an excellent source of natural light, they can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size will? The light will be distributed through evenly, not only saving your family energy but also improving your visual comfort abilities.

Having a skylight in your home also has the ability of increasing the amenity of internal space that might otherwise require supplementary artificial lighting, such as a windowless room. Nowadays home are built close together, having skylights installed allows you to have the light you need, without the fear of prying eyes.

Types of skylights

Roof Windows

Having roof windows installed are a very popular craze for attic rooms, where there is a cathedral ceiling but little roof space. Almost all roof windows use sealed double insulating glass units, this is in order to reduce any heat loss, whilst as the same time, minimising condensation. Roof windows are generally operable (can be opened), this is an option which is strongly recommended, especially for those summer months.

The window frames are typically made of timber, with external weatherproof cladding, but may also be aluminium or steel. In the cooler months, uninsulated metal frames are not recommended because of the condensation they can create.

Lighting Your Home With Skylights


Skylights- which are commonly known as roof lights, are typically acrylic, single glazed, moulded units. Skylights are usually known to have long, white coloured or flexible light wells and a diffuser panel which is fitted at ceiling level.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are an energy free product, they bring natural sunlight into the gloomiest rooms in your home. This may be during daylight hours, or even on a cloudy or foggy day. Does your home have rooms with dark areas? Are you using your electric lights on sunny days? If the answer to these questions is yes, then why not consider treating your home to some tubular skylights?

Installation Costs

If you have decided that having skylights installed in your home is the next investment for you and your family, depending on the skylights you opt for and how many you choose to have, will affect the total price.

Once you have had your skylights installed, you can start to think about if you’d like to add blinds to them. Whether you choose blackout, venetian or light filtering, rest assured you’ll find the option that’s best suited for your family. Not only do blinds add functionality to your skylights, you are able to take control of the natural light

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