Legitimate Federal Firearms Licence Holders

Is it possible to check whether the person holding an FFL in his personal name or business name is legitimate? On the ATF online site, you can verify the FFL license number. Here, there are blocks provided for the license number, all you need to do is enter the first 3 digits and the last 5 digits of the FFL you wish to verify and finally select the submit button. If you want to verify more numbers, then you just have to select the reset button and all the previous data that you have entered would be cleared and you can start fresh. Now, this simple step is if you know their FFL number, but, what if you just know their name?

Legitimate Federal Firearms Licence Holders

FFL lookup by name

According to the Federal Law, when a firearm has to be shipped to an FFL dealer in your area, you need a dealer who has all the legitimate papers with him. So, there are sites that provide you with a tool that allows you to browse through their inventory to find some of the best deals on all the firearms and their related accessories and they also help you find an FFL dealer by name and are located closer to your area. You just need to fill in your area and the name of the dealer, press the search button and the location of the dealer will be on your screen. Now what?

Steps Involved in Buying a Firearm

Once you have browsed through the online shopping site and decided on the firearm that you want to purchase, you will have to choose an FFL dealer near your area, so that the firearm can be shipped to that dealer. This is important in order to complete the 4473 transfer.

– Before you process your order online, you need to communicate with the local dealer that you have selected to know and review all their specific transfer procedures. You have to be aware that the dealer is going to charge a service fee for the transfer and it is entirely your responsibility to verify the charge.

Now that the firearm has been delivered to your dealer, it is your responsibility to inspect the received item thoroughly and satisfy yourself before the transfer is complete. Remember, any defects or warranty issues after the transfer will have to be dealt with the manufacturer directly.

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