Laundry Cupboard – Ideas for Designing and Organizing

Laundry cupboards in a home are not given their due importance by most homeowners. They feel it is a waste of good money to invest in these. This is not so! Laundry cupboards are extremely functional and can add that touch of cleanliness required in a home. This speaks of your personality. A well-organized home owner will opt for this option and plan it with importance. Laundry cupboards offer a tidy look to your laundry room and have to be considered as an ‘essential’ element. You can keep the dirty clothes separate from the washed ones when you opt for these cupboards. This is time and labor saving.

Some tips that can help in an organized Laundry Room are listed below.

Right Location

Choosing the apt location for a laundry cupboard is an important factor to be considered. You can think of having these close to the main bathroom or even have a special door designed from the existing bathroom. This helps even the kids to put the dirty clothes in the laundry cupboard.

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Planning out the Storage

Before you decide on a specific design for this cupboard, make sure to choose a design which accommodates the storing of washing powders besides the dirty and clean clothes. You have enough space to store the mops, vacuum cleaners, buckets and brooms. This makes the whole set up neat and tidy. Chemicals and harmful bleaches can be stored in cabinets which are built a little high so that children are unable to reach it. If you have enough and more space, you can also opt for racks.

Lighting Included

In case the laundry room does not get enough of natural light, make sure you have enough of lighting fixtures. This ensures you know what you are doing and also adds to the comfort of working here.

Ventilation looked into

As a laundry room is supposedly damp, placing the laundry cupboard here might lead to the clothes remaining damp. Ensure good ventilation in the space provided for a laundry cupboard.

The above mentioned tips taken into consideration can benefit the homeowner in more than one way with the laundry cupboards.

  1. Organization tends to be better
    With a fixed space for the supplies and the dirty as well as washed clothes, you have the luxury of saving on time and labor. Organized laundry cupboards are welcome for any home maker.
  2. Additional Space Provided
    Besides storage being well organized you have enough and more space in the counter tops above the cupboards where you can iron or fold your clothes. Besides this, you can also think of using this space for painting, sewing or any other hobby you follow.
  3. Visually Appealing
    With the laundry cupboards, you have the laundry room visually appealing. You need to know that each room in your home should be beautiful and tidy and the laundry room is no exception. You can also look forward to an increase in the value of your home with a well-organized laundry room with the right storage.

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Choosing the laundry cupboards is easy as you have multiple options available online. There are various websites who provide you with different ideas of the laundry cupboards. You can also think of ordering a laundry cupboard online if you do not have the time to visit a store. Ensure you choose well-reputed manufacturers and suppliers of these cupboards. There should not be any compromises made on the quality. With online shopping, you have the freedom to go through the different ratings and ensure you are making the right choice.

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