Improve Your Gum Health At Your Local Battersea Dentist

No one wants to lose a tooth to gum diseases but most people are prone to develop such conditions in some forms. Periodontitis is the worst type of the gum diseases that causes tooth loss in UK. Inflammation of gums and bone that support the teeth are collectively known as periodontium. Fortunately, laser dentistry provides a far less invasive cure without the help of anaesthetic. In Battersea, you could find many responsible and experienced dentists, who can provide treatment to periodontal problems.

Improve Your Gum Health At Your Local Battersea Dentist

Threats and causes of periodontal diseases: Periodontal or gum disease causes infection of the supporting teeth and jawbone that hold teeth into place. Adults in their 30s and 40s get affected to such diseases caused by these conditions and bad habits mentioned below-

  • Certain illness like diabetes
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Smoking

In this treatment process, dentists in Battersea removes tartar, bacteria and plaque from the gum that surrounds tooth root and further stimulate regeneration of gum tissues. Typical treatment like scaling and root planning (SRP) is a non-surgical method that cleans teeth surface and tooth root that has been exposed due to gum decay.

The solution: The aim of periodontal treatment is to find diseases and treating it thereafter controls the outbreak. It is accomplished by initial therapy according the cause of gum problems. Treatment disinfects and cleans teeth roots and surfaces, whilst restoring teeth health. Dental practices in Battersea have some alternative solutions to perform, such as flap surgery, where dentists cut and flap back gum tissues that allow deep cleaning around tooth root. On the contrary, laser is able to remove the bacteria without any surgery. It agitates water and creates shock wave that kills diseases.

Vast application of layers: The laser treatment can whiten teeth, treats tooth decay, allows to perform tooth extraction, cure sensitivity of teeth by blocking the pores etc. People often think use of leaser and heat is there in this treatment, whereas instead of heat, water is used to make cut. The entire process is painless, whilst people can hear and feel harmless explosion of water molecules.

Pros and cons of leaser therapy: Several benefits are there of using laser therapy to treat the diseased gum tissue:

  • Leaser can target affected areas accurately
  • No general anesthetic is needed.
  • There will be limited pain, swelling and bleeding, as leaser therapy is less invasive than the regular surgery.
  • It will shorter span to recover and heal the affected area

According to some Battersea dentists, there are some risks of using laser periodontal therapy. One of these facts is use of appropriate wavelength, which can damage the periodontal tissue.

It is obvious that bad oral health causes breeding ground of periodontal diseases and laser therapy can put an end to such dental issues. Additionally, one should get rid of bad habits followed by post-therapy care. People need to brush teeth and rinse mouth regularly with antimicrobial product. It would be better to stop smoking to reduce the risk of further infections and follow doctor’s instruction accordingly.

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