Important Questions You Should Ask A Locksmith

Whether you need locksmith service at your residence, business, or car, there are a few important questions you always need to ask before having anyone come to assist you. Not every locksmith is the same; you need to know which ones to trust and which ones you should avoid. Here are the important questions you’ll want to ask each new locksmith you contact.

  • Ask for the Business Address

The easiest red flag when contacting a business can be identified through researching its location. If the address is not listed, this could mean that the business is nothing more than someone posing to be a legitimate locksmith. Over the phone, ask the person for an address, and then look it up online to get an idea of where they are located. Does the place look like it’s in an area that makes sense? Is it surrounded by other companies?

  • How much are they thinking of charging?

If you believe you have found a legitimate locksmith, your next step should be to ask for an estimate. Even if you have never been in this situation, you will know when you’re hearing a price that is too astronomical to be fair. Also, if they refuse to give you an estimate, move on to the next company; this sort of company either has little experience in locksmith jobs, or they will gauge you after they have finished the job.

Important Questions You Should Ask A Locksmith

  • Inquire about Lock Upgrades

In the case of lock issues for businesses, it is recommended that you contact only those locksmiths that are full-service. Commercial locksmiths like KeyFast can solve much more than broken locks and lost keys replacement issues; they can also provide upgrades that will make your business more secure. Consider inquiring about digital lock options. If they can talk extensively on various options, you’ll know they are a professional company.

  • Availability and Expediency

The need of locksmith service can happen at any moment; you can be locked out of your home, car of business at any hour. A professional locksmith may have 24/7 emergency support that can help at your area at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s rekeying a lock, opening a door, or removing a broken key inside a lock, you should be able to trust a locksmith that can help you whenever you need it.

Also, if you happen to be caught in an emergency late at night, it is important that you ask any locksmith how long it will take them to get to you. If they require over an hour to get to you, consider contacting other locksmiths who may be able to get to you sooner.

  • Insurance for Potential Damages

Not every job goes as smoothly as planned. The more complicated your lock issue, the more likely potential issues may pop up. However, this shouldn’t mean that you incur costly repair fees simply because a technician did not do the job correctly. Therefore, ask about any insurance the locksmith has, and if they have any guarantees in their contracts.

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