Ideal Communication Solution For Small Business Based On IP PBX

How to organize a unified communication in your offices, stores, warehouses using only the Internet while substantially saving on negotiations, especially if your facilities are in different cities and countries. Many small and medium-sized enterprises face the problem of how to organize communication in such a way that, on the one hand;

  • Reduce costs for local, mobile, long distance and international calls.
  • Combine all departments, branches and remote workstations into a single network with a common internal numbering and access to the functions and resources of the main mini-PBX.
  • Ensure the mobility of its employees, thus, so that they always remain connected
  • Organize remote jobs where it is needed, and then when it is needed (for example tomorrow and in New York).
  • Do not be tied to fixed telephone numbers, ie. so that when you move your rooms move with you.

Ideal Communication Solution For Small Business Based On IP PBX

And on the other hand, use all the advantages of IP telephony , such as:

  • Intelligent processing of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Auto attendant and autoinformator
  • Direct access to the system (DISA)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice mail
  • Recording conversations
  • Conference Call
  • Caller ID
  • Call Detailing and Charging
  • Fax Server

The traditional approach to solving these problems involves the availability of a large number of equipment and resources, and as a result the solution is very expensive and in most cases inaccessible to small and even medium-sized businesses.

But there is a way out . This is an office IP PBX . IP PBX setup will allow you to solve all the above tasks.

Using IP telephony in your company

So, let’s consider in more detail what IP PBX can do and what IP telephony of your company can give.

It’s probably necessary to start with the fact that modern business – big or small – is impossible without the Internet. Either way, you will have to connect to the Internet to organize effective work. So why not make it even more efficient and do not use the capabilities of IP telephony to organize communication in your company. Modern technologies allow high-quality transfer of speech over IP networks, be it the Internet or a local computer network of your company.

What other advantages can PBX IP telephony give:

Another advantage of this IP telephony system lies in the functionality already laid in the basic configuration and does not require additional costs. These are functions such as:

  • Auto attendant and Auto informer. When calling your company, the PBX IP telephony plays a pre-recorded greeting and can then offer a choice – “Press 1 to connect to the sales department, press 2 to connect to the customer service …”, etc.
  • DISA – function of direct access to the system for additional dialing of an extension or an external line. Organization of a small Call-center with a given (uniform or other) distribution of calls between operators
  • Automatic routing of incoming calls, depending on the number of the caller (Caller ID)
  • Intelligent routing of outgoing calls – the optimal route is chosen depending on the type of dialed number (local, mobile, long distance, international) or even depending on the specific number. This allows you to choose the cheapest calling routes
  • Voice mail with the ability to send recorded messages to the email of the owner of the mailbox
  • Record conversations – conversations can be recorded to the built-in memory or to an external drive. This will solve many issues related to security, resolution of conflict situations, restoration of details of the conversation, analysis of negotiations and training of employees.


Summarizing, it can be said that IP telephony systems will not only reduce the initial costs for the purchase and installation of an office PBX, but will also significantly reduce monthly payments for telephone communications. We always recommend Yealink IP Phones for quality results. So, visit your nearest Yealink Phone Distributor today because IP telephony can solve such problems of your business, the solution of which by means of traditional telephony would require a lot of costs, both financial and organizational.

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