How To Train Your Pet Dog

Training your dog is extremely necessary in order to develop a healthy interaction with you beloved pet. This is the key to build a strong relationship between your dog and perhaps the whole family. Now the entire procedure of training might seem a little daunting initially, especially when you watch YouTube videos of dog training. In practice, you can easily train your dogs by implementing certain techniques and make you training part of your routine with your dog.

Consistency, tenacity and patience are the keys to be successful in training your dogs. While it might be difficult to rally the whole family to come to terms with the behaviors with your dog, it is comparatively easier to train the dog that will be easy in time.

How To Train Your Pet Dog

For example, if you want to train you favorite pet not to play with the jam jar, be sure to keep it a 24/7 off-limit zone, as much as possible to ensure he could not reach to that place. Another important thing to do is to stay the boss. According to Radha Singh, dogs tend to find an alpha or be the alpha, so be sure to play the role form the very beginning while learning to train your dog. This does not necessarily mean having to shout or reprimand your dog. It is again more of confidence and consistency that you will show him you are getting away with that role. Of course, affection is a good thing, but it does not mean you will not mean you will not show your stern side when needed.

Focus on rewarding your dog for good behavior instead of reprimanding him for bad behavior. This is a great technique indeed. All you have to do is to support your dog by giving him room to make a sound decision followed by a good reward. Remember, unlike human beings, dogs and other creatures act on instinct. Expecting him to behave as you want would not be a good idea. Rather you can help him in the good behavior and reward him for it. Don’t dupe or deprive him of his reward. Don’t play the foul game of waiting for him to commit the mistake and the punishing him for it. Doing so, your dog might follow your instructions, but the relation will turn rock-solid.

Toilet training is one of the major concerns of many dog owners. Many homeowners simply drop the idea of keeping a pet just because of this despite their love for pet. So it is ideal to get started the training when it is at around 3-4 months old or as soon as possible. You can consider a number tips while starting potty training.

Take your pup outside and allow for him plenty of time on walks to do his business. It will take a little bit of time for him to feel comfortable enough, and not over stimulated, to find a good spot. Next time do the same on walks, advises Radha C Singh. Gradually, you dog would recognize the scent and begin to learn it’s time to go.

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