How To Stop The Coil Of Your Vapor From Burning


Burning coils is a downside of vaping that requires changing of coils meaning expense! When you start experiencing a burnt taste, it means your coil or wick is burnt.

How To Stop The Coil Of Your Vapor From Burning

What causes the coil to burn?

When an e-cigarette is vaped with a very small amount of e-liquid, the coil is likely to get burnt due to the absence of sufficient liquid to absorb the high temperatures.

Subjecting an e-cig to high temperatures and wattages may cause the coil to burn. High wattages burn the wick leading to poor saturation of the liquid. This causes the coil to heat up and ultimately burn.

Vaping continuously may also cause overheating of the coils leading to burnt coils.

How to prevent burning of the coil?

1.Prime the coils

Wicks need to be soaked properly in the e-liquid for complete saturation. This creates the requirement of primed coils. ‘Priming the coils’ means to soak the wick manually in the e-liquid before installation. The coil heads have an opening in which few drops of e-liquid shall be put to ensure the wick is soaked otherwise the coil may burn due to lack of saturation of the wick.

2.Say no to chain vaping

Chain vaping that is vaping continuously – will overheat the wicks and the coils, ultimately leading to burning. Taking gaps of 5-10 minutes between your vaping sessions may reduce the chances of the burning of coils.

The wicks require time to re-saturate with the liquid before you begin to vape  juice uk  again. Short gaps offer the time for recovery. Continuous vaping may dry the wicks out. A degraded flavor is the sign that you need to give your vapors a break.

3.Fuel up the tank

If the amount of liquid in the tank is low, it might be insufficient to soak the wick completely. This may cause burning of the coil and the wick. Thus, it should be ensured at all times that there is enough e-juice present in the tank and the tank is never dry. When the flavor diminishes, it might be an indication of re-filling the tank.

4.Keep the wattage low

A high wattage that lets you blow out those large clouds may burn the coil. Higher wattage vaporizes the liquid quickly leaving it to consume faster. To prevent your coils from burning and a terrible burnt taste, lower the wattage and reduce the power settings.

4.Temperature Control vaping

As we have already established that high temperatures cause burning of the coils, temperature control devices shall be used to prevent burnt coils and wicks. These devices set a maximum limit of temperature for the coil. At maximum, the power delivery stops and the coil doesn’t get any hotter.

Also, these devices don’t allow vaping when the amount of liquid present is little.

As they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’; it would be easier and less painstaking to prevent your coils from burning than buying new wicks and coil. With some care you can enjoy those clouds and flavors.

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