How To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh?

What if I told you I can show you how to make your house smell amazing with things you already had at home for very little money? Would you be into it? I thought so! alright let’s get to it.

Eradicate the Odors First

If you’ve ever been to the perfume department in a fancy department store, you have probably seen little cups with popping grind sitting out or coffee beans. Then you just give a quick smile between perfumes and that helps cleanse if your palate. While coffee grinds can actually help deodorize any space in your home. Just put them into a bowl or an open-air container like this.

How To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh?

Stick them anywhere that you need deodorizing like your closet store and etc. And then you’ll see the coffee grind starts to absorb all of that odor. For sure, it won’t smell like coffee but those odors will be gone.

Vanilla Vibes

If you love the vanilla vibe as much as I do, here’s a great way you can use vanilla extract to help make your fridge smell better. There are two things you can do. The first one is you can white plastic interior parts of your fridge down with a little bit of vanilla extract on a paper towel. That helps neutralize odors in plastic is poorest so this really helps. The next thing you can do is soak a couple of cotton balls in vanilla extract. Leave that in a ball just open air in the fridge somewhere and that will help neutralize the odors as well.

Tobacco Vanish

Put bowls all around the house filled with white vinegar. Now the house doesn’t smell like vinegar but the vinegar absorbed all of the odors from the tobacco. This works not only on tobacco but any other sort of not so good smell in the house. You can use it for your cooking and even put some near Kitty litter and off course you have smokers in the house or any other strong odor that you don’t like. This works like a charm.

Essential Oils

You can use them wherever you can to help deodorize, clean and spruce up any space in your home as well. If you have a nebulizer, you can add essential oils to that, you can make your own re-diffuser. Just take a little cotton ball put it in a bowl and add about 15 drops of your favorite essential oil or a blend of essential oils and keep it anywhere in your house. It will just help freshen up the space and gently disperse that smell.

There are other couple of great things you can do with the help of essential oils;

  • Every time you change your furnace filter, just drop 5-10 drop of your favorite essential oil right on to the furnace filter.
  • You can also put a few drops on your light bulb. That way, every time you flick on a light it will disperse a nice gentle smell.

Once you are done Remove Stains from Leather Furniture, wooden blocks and even the surfaces, you aren’t always successful in bringing some nice smell around. But with the tips mentioned above, now probably you can do that every easily.


Are you looking to get your home smell nice? Just check out the article and learn some tips.

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