How To Letter Your Protection Report For Internships And Graduate Jobs

Internships or Graduate Jobs are the opportunities of getting a professional exposure that universities and colleges provide to their students, or students get it in the personal capacity. This opportunity helps the students to experience professional environment before the graduation and to witness the implementation of all the theories and methods that they were studying over the years. Students not only get the professional exposure but also make their connections and networks in the field that helps them to get a better job after their graduation. That is the reason why universities allot special marks and credit hours for the internships or graduate jobs. For that, students have to write internships report to show all of the experiences of their internship to the university so they can get the allotted marks for that.

Individual students or the group of students who do their internships in the group write detailed information in a report and submit it to the university so they can evaluate what the student have been through during his internship. They judge the student on his involvement in different work of the company in which he was interned and also evaluate all of his performances on various projects assigned by the student’s head during his internship period. That is why the value of an internship is imperative because you have to show all of your past 6 or 4 months hard work in the written form. However, you can always find help when needed from the internet for such things, and you will find it here too in this blog because, in the next lines, I am going to tell you some of the important points that will help you when you will make your internship report.

How To Letter Your Protection Report For Internships And Graduate Jobs


The introduction is the basic part of every report. The introduction of your report must be the summarization of your entire report so that the reader will get everything just at a glance. This section of internship report should have the name and address of the company where you was interned the main agenda of your internship. In the introduction, you can give short detail about the main focus of your internship in the company or you can mention the department and his function in it just to give a broader picture of your internship to the reader.

Project Discussion:

The second portion of the internship report is called project discussion or discussion of the project. This is the section where you have to put everything about your internship in detail. Here you not only have to give a brief description of your company, but you also have to provide all the information regarding your responsibilities there. In the normal internships, companies take multiple things from the intern just to give him the taste of all sides of the company. In this section, you have to give details of almost every single work you did. The more you show your experiences in the report, the better grades you can get. Moreover, in this section, you also have to mention your contribution in the completion of the project. You can mention that the company got benefited from your skills by showing the success of the project in which you also had contributions.


The third section of the report is the summary of the conclusion of this internship. In this part of the internship report, you have to mention that what you have learned throughout your internship experience and how it is going to make an impact on your upcoming academics programs. In this, you have to write a detailed paragraph where you will mention that how this internship experiences reinforced your career’s goals or how it influenced you to redirect your career path. In this section, you will also include the information about any new thing that you learned during your internship period. You will mention its relation to your main agenda of internship and also how this new work can help you in the future.


Your internship will only be accepted as a true learning experience if your report is proving it. You have to add the constructive feedback and all the things that you have learned in the period so the evaluator can evaluate it. The first step of your internship report evaluation starts from the basic learning objectives that were explained to you at the start of your internship. The evaluator or the supervisor will evaluate your report by judging your positive accomplishments and weaknesses through the reports. If you were unable to prove that you have met your learning objectives in the internship period in your report, then the evaluator will give suggestions for improvement as remarks on the report. Moreover, of the learning objectives, the internship report will also be evaluated on the basis of content and literary quality. If your report gets pass, then you have passed your credit hours for the internship. But if it is marked unsatisfactory, then it will be sent to another evaluation where second such grade will result in the failure of the internship program, and you have to repeat it then.

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