How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Rodents, particularly mice, are always a nightmare for our family because they gnaw anything on the way. It will be truly terrible if mice start a family. Just imagine that you are living with plenty of mice who are ready to break your house at any time.

If you are in that situation and confused about what you should do to be rid of them, today post will help you with several simple and effective ways to how to keep mice out of your house.

Figure 1. It will be annoying once a mouse enters your house (Photo Credit: Kadath via / CC BY-NC-SA)

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

To set your house free of mice, there are some important things that you need to identify before applying a method to catch them.

Breeding Season

Mice can appear at any time around the year. However, we mostly see these tiny animals between the midsummer and the early fall. During this period, you will be very active to find a new shelter, water, and food which are for their breeding season. Also, it is a way to prevent them from their natural predators.

Why Do They Get Into Your House?

As you can guess, a house is a never-ending supply of food, water, and a permanent shelter. That is all they need to build a good life. After having made a nest, they will start to have a very large family.

How Do They Enter Your House?

My answer is anywhere. It could be through your windows or doors. It could come from any holes in the foundation, walls or floors. Meanwhile, they can run on pipes and wires to come into your house.

How to Keep Mice Out of Your House?

There are several simple ways to set you free from those rodents

#1. Set the best mouse trap

As mice often move along the walls, so put a mouse trap against the walls, and you could put a piece of food in the trap to attract the mice. After catching a mouse and throw it in the garbage, you should reuse it if you know there are still some mice in your house. The smell of that dead mouse will catch others’ attention.

#2. Keep your house as clean as possible

Although mice can get into your house many times, they will leave very soon if there is no food for them to eat. What you ought to do is storing the food in the places that are away from their reach.

#3. Snake feces

Another way to kick mice out of your house naturally is to take advantage of dried feces of snakes. Go the zoo, reptile centers, or ask someone that keeps snakes as pets for the dried pools. Put them in places that mice often go through, and they will make the mice run away.

#4. Place the garbage can far away

In fact, mice could smell the trash and quickly get attracted. In case it is near your house, of course, they will pay you regular visits that could drive you crazy. Hence, try to put the trash can away from your house if you do not want them to be members of you family.


Hope that you are not getting into a panic with these simple tips on how to keep mice out of your house. In case you have concerns or better solutions, leave me a comment. And do not forget to hit ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ with your friends.

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