How To Create Custom Stickers For Your Business

Promoting your business is a great way to gain more customers. However, you do not want to limit your promotion to online marketing campaigns. You can expand your audience by promoting your business offline, and one example is creating customized stickers with your company name and logo. You can include a sticker with every purchase or distribute them at public events.

How To Create Custom Stickers For Your Business

There are many companies that allow you to design and print custom stickers with ease. Use the following instructions to create your customized stickers.

Sticker Type

Start by choosing your sticker type from the dropdown menu of the sticker website. Your selection may vary per website, but it usually includes a double cut, cut out, kiss cut and text only sticker.

Upload Your Design

You should already have a design ready to be uploaded to the sticker website. When you are ready to upload your design, simply click the “choose file” button and locate your file on your computer.

Choose Your Size

The height and weight may be filled in to give you an idea of how big the sticker should be for each type, but you are welcome to customize the size to fit your needs.

Cut Options

The website may include an additional dropdown menu for cut options, and this usually applies to double cut, cut out and kiss cut stickers. If you are creating text only stickers, you may have the option to choose from double cut or cut out stickers.

Sticker Boarder

Choose the type of boarder you want on your sticker. The selection usually includes a white boarder or bleeding the color to the edge.

Sticker Shape

You can choose from a variety of shapes for your sticker, and the shapes may include rectangle, square, round and oval.

Background Color

You need a background color for your sticker, and the selection may include black, white, red, blue and yellow.

Sticker Text

You need to choose the font, font style, font color and text for your sticker. It is important to make sure your font and background colors do not clash or bleed.

Choose a Proof

You should always choose to have the proof sent to you so you can see the stickers before you place your order. You can have the proof emailed to you at no additional cost.

Place Your Order

The final steps are choosing your quantity and placing your order.

It is easy to create customized stickers for your business, but you want to take your time and ensure you are satisfied with the finished product.

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