How To Clean Your Home After A Flood?

How can you clean your place after a floor? It is best to start with cleaning as soon as the waters receded, and as soon as you make sure that there is no possibility of collapse and that the risk of new water coming has passed get more info. Start immediately or as soon as if you want the cleaning results to will be more successful.

Before you start with cleaning it is advisable to obtain protective gear, because you do not know what was in the water. So you will need to protect your arms, face, hands, eyes, and get products for disinfection because these waters can be contaminated and spread terrible diseases.

Turn off the electricity. If its got electricity in your city or town it is therefore best to turn off the whole house on the main circuit no matter if you noticed a damage or not. You must turn it off. Make sure you get enough plastic bags, cardboard boxes to store and sort things. Ask friends whose homes are not threatened to help you put the boxes and bags somewhere and wash your dirty clothes and get you a place to sleep of course just for a short period of time until your home is being repaired and ready for moving in.

How To Clean Your Home After A Flood?

Where to start

Do not rush the cleaning process, it is better if you just sit down and make a detailed plan, about where to begin.

To begin, take all the clothes and shoes and send to the laundry, and what you feel you can no longer use throw away in plastic bags. Make sure you prepare everything for washing. Shoes you think you will not be able to wash in the machine simply get rid of them because they will just create a bigger mess for you.

The first things that you need to get rid of are the things that can absorb water. Kids stuffed animals and pillows should be thrown away even though you can wash some of them in the machine, it is better to get rid of them because it is possible that they have bacteria. Pack all the dishes, and all the little things, because the point of all this is to have the house completely empty, and every little thing you have needs to be washed with hot water and detergent.

When it comes to electronics and home appliances, they do not try to burn because they certainly gave their and there will be no chance to fix them and so do not even try but all hang on special places for throwing such things.

When it comes to big wooden things if after the flood it was washed good and is now dry, you will probably will be able to continue to use it.

When you have the whole house empty you can give it a good scrub and disinfect the whole place, from the floors to the ceiling, and be sure to protect the wires from power while doing this.

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