How To Clean Carpets Quickly And Easily?

When cleaning the house one of the main concerns that arises is how we should tackle the cleaning of carpeted areas. In this article we are going to give you a series of tips so you to know how to handle the cleaning of your carpets, after reading our tips you will be able to complete the task effectively and without complications.

Carpets are very practical elements for the decoration of our home, however they are also synonymous with the accumulation of mites and dirt. Therefore, on many occasions we find it a headache to do the cleaning of our carpets. We are almost never sure what products to use, how to remove the stains from the carpets surface or how we can stop the odors without the carpet being spoiled. We are aware that carpet cleaners can be so heavy that most people choose not to have them at home. However, in this post we will teach you some simple tricks so you can reuse them to clean this important element of your home whenever you want.

What products are good for carpet cleaning?

There are a variety of household cleaning products that also serve to clean carpets. Before using any product make a test spot in an unseen area like under the sofa, a cabinet or under the television stand.

One of the most common products is spray foam, you can find it in any hardware store or supermarket near your home. The clean carpets with this product is simple. First, spray a light layer of foam on the surface of the carpet and rub it with a damp sponge (remember that it is not good to wet the carpet excessively, as this can lead to mold). Once the carpet is dry you will have to suck it up with a hoover to remove the leftover foam. If the carpet is a large one it is best to do this process in sections; If the foam dries before scrubbing it with the sponge water can appear making stains very difficult to eliminate.

How To Clean Carpets Quickly And Easily?

If what you need to clean a specific stain (be it coffee, tea, cocoa or wine), the most effective method is to use the one of the most and under used household items: vinegar . Vinegar is good for everything! To do clean carpet when they have a stain of this type it is best to use a mixture of warm water, neutral detergent and vinegar apply the formula on the stain with a clean rag. To remove stains other recommended products are white wine (which is very effective when treating stains of red wine), liquid detergent or hydrogen peroxide.

Another way to do carpet cleaning quickly and efficiently is by using baking soda. In addition to eliminating dirt, this product is very good at absorbing the odors that may be trapped inside the carpet.

How do you use the vacuum cleaner for proper carpet cleaning results?

The best way to keep carpets clean is vacuuming regularly (every two to three days will be enough to keep it in good condition). The way to do it is very simple. You should vacuum both horizontally and vertically and try to overlap the vacuum pass to cover the entire surface. In addition, it is advisable to try not to step on the freshly cleaned areas. In the less accessible areas and at the corners of the carpet use the vacuum cleaner attachment to completely remove dust and dirt.

As you can see, carpet cleaning can be a very tedious and monotonous task. But with these little tips and by doing periodic maintenance, you can keep them as clean as the day they were fitted.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Oxymagic Low Country, professional carpet cleaning in Hilton Head.

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