How Plastic Packaging and Disposal Items Company Works?

Mission and Vision:

Welcome to Nates. We undertake manufacture of Plastic Packaging and Disposal Items. We cater to several industries and offer comprehensive solutions for plastic Packaging. Our products and services are tailored to industry standards and are delivered in accordance with specific client requirements. Along with a wide range of products and services that serve as solutions to plastic Packaging, we also offer a variety of Technical and Engineering Services to choose from. These services include Project Reports, Feasibility Studies, Analysis and Forecasting, Costing Android Valuation, Audits and Facilitation, Technical and Fitness Certifications, Vetting and Validations, Installation and Commissioning, and Process Augmentation.

How Plastic Packaging and Disposal Items Company Works?

Plastic Packaging Manufacture:

Under our Plastic Packaging Manufacture, we produce a number of Plastic Disposables and Packaging products such as Trays, Cake Boxes, Plates, Cutlery, Boxes, and Pharma Packs. A look into the full range of our manufactured products will give you an insight into the high-quality materials used to manufacture goods made to industry specific standards. All products are made transport-worthy and conform industry specifications. Our Plastic Packaging Manufacture along with other services cater to the Electronics & Communications Industry, the Agriculture/Horticulture Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Food/Beverages Industry. We also undertake supply of goods to Restaurant Chains and Fast-Food joints.

How we Work:

Our manufacturing sector employs Vacuum Forming of PVC process. Materials deployed in Manufacture include virgin HIPS, PVC, PP, HDPE, ABS, and PET. Products manufactured by NATES include Disposable Plates, Blisters Plastic Packaging, Clamshell Cases, Meal Trays, Holders, Caps, Lids, Strips, etc. All Products are made, tested, and delivered to perfection. We have strongly developed our design, manufacture, and marketing sectors. The latest technologies and machinery are used for all manufacturing processes. We are involved in bulk manufacturing and delivery of engineering components like Pipes, Metal Sheets, Clamps, Frames, and various Storage equipment. Our Engineering Component manufacture delivers to Heavy Engineering, Power, Process, Mining, Metallurgical, Chemical, Aviation, and Hospitality Industries. Nates houses some of the best Engineers and Valuers with strong capabilities to perform the various Engineering and Technical services. We have a team of specialized professionals who will carry out tasks under careful scrutiny.

How Plastic Packaging and Disposal Items Company Works?

Nates possess a wealth of experience in Engineering and Technical services used to provide the highest quality Plastic Packaging and other goods/services along with providing excellent customer satisfaction through timely delivery.Since 2010, Nates has made tremendous progress in making innovative Plastic Packaging and disposable items in Delhi through the Vacuum Forming process. We deliver across the globe and ensure utmost client satisfaction.

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