How Can You Organise Your Fashion?

Fashion has been a trending topic over the years. And the designers does that tastefully by upgrading the trend from season to season and generation to generation. Although the meaning of fashion depends from person to person but some are just crazy and some find it a source of knowledge. In other words, it is the way where one can define his or her own style statement. It has and will continue to be a status symbol as well. But that’s something if fashion is about brand and all. In reality fashion is both brand and high street. One needs to know how, where and when to wear what. Likewise organising one’s own fashion shows a little bit of his or her taste of fashion. One’s wardrobe could be packed with sort of fashionable clothes, trendy undies, handbags, laminated paper bags and so on. But he or she hardly understands the importance of organising them. At the end of the day one has to keep searching for items. Organising your own fashion saves time. It also makes you feel relax during the hassle hours of weekdays. Let’s run down how one can organise his or her own fashion that can help in keeping one’s wardrobe a treat for the eyes.

Organizing outfits by colour, material or type

While organizing your fashion, keep it in my mind that it should be arranged in such a way so that it creates a sophisticated look and it can be clearly visible where one has kept her dresses, jeans, tops, tracks, jackets, skirts and so on.  Arranging it by the sequence of colors helps in finding out the duplicacy. It gives you the freedom to choose between colours to wear from Monday to Friday for office and Saturday/Sunday for weekend. Arranging it by sequence of material and type respectively gives you the freedom to choose your outfit according to your mood and weather outside. Such an organised fashion helps you in packing as well when you make any sudden travel plan on a Friday evening for a weekend trip.

How Can You Organise Your Fashion?

Label the shelves

 For your convenience and time management, you can label all the shelves according to their priorities. When it’s summer you can keep the less used things on the top shelf such as sweaters and jackets. If you often wear formals or dresses on weekdays for office keep them on the middle shelves. Party wears, evening wears and night wears can be kept on the lower racks.

Utilization of hooks

It is important to know the utilisation of hooks as well. You can fix hooks on inside part of the doors and hang what you wear on regular basis. You can also hang used clothes and clothes you will be wearing for next day. Hooks can also be used for hanging scarves and belts.

Storing handbags, carrier bags and laminated paper bags

For every woman, her favourite section is bag.  They prefer to make them sit on a shelf rather than hanging them to prevent handles from tearing. You can also stuff bags with newspaper and small pieces of clothes so that they are in shape. When it comes to clutches, you can put them inside a drawer to prevent from dust. On the other hand, laminated paper bags or shopping bags can be reused to store items like hair clips, make up kit, pharmaceutical products like pads or tampons.


Shopping of shoes for women continues now and then. And you know you still miss out some pairs even after a collection of 50 + pairs. From flat sandals to knee length boots, like every woman, you too are shoe fanatic. Keep your regular wears in the shoe racks and designer or expensive shoes inside the wardrobe on the lower rack. Don’t forget to clean them after use and before keeping them inside the wardrobe.


Jewellery are of two types – traditional jewellery and junk jewellery. You love both of them. You may keep the bangles and bracelets in one side and for the neckpieces you have your own showcase or box. You can keep your earrings same as my neckpieces but sometimes I do fail.

Wrist Watches

Either you can personalise a separate box to store your wrist watches and keep it on the middle rack or you can utilise one of the chest inside the wardrobe.


Underwears should be well maintained and stored properly inside a chest. Use moth balls to protect them from insects.

Laundry items

If your wardrobe has little more space try to maintain a separate rack to store your laundry items.

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