How Can A Wall Bracket Set Help In Fixing Water Coolers

Water coolers supply clean, cool, fresh water to many institutions, businesses, schools and homes. In the public domain, there are always health and safety concerns that must be addressed, and by anchoring your water cooler safely and securely to a wall, you will reduce any related safety risks, as well as enhancing the security of your water cooler.

Water coolers come in many shapes, sizes and brands, and are ideal for supplying clean fresh water to health clubs, hospitals, airports, offices and other areas of heavy public activity. Floor standing water coolers have the potential to topple over if not attached firmly to a wall, causing all kinds of problems.

A wall bracket set is a simple and efficient way to attach a water cooler to a wall, securely and safely. A wall-fix system is simple to install and the easiest way to ensure that health and safety risks have been effectively addressed. By securing your water cooler to a wall, you ensure that it is no longer at risk of being knocked over or even removed without authorisation.

How Can A Wall Bracket Set Help In Fixing Water Coolers

Benefits of Water Coolers

Water coolers are good for people’s health, as being well hydrated keeps you not only feeling good, but looking good too. The elderly and the very young are most at risk of dehydration, which causes lethargy, disorientation and joint pain in the elderly, and irritability, headaches and poor concentration in the very young. By providing readily accessible, clean drinking water to those in your institutions, you are providing for their health and wellbeing. This is a responsible act, and overseeing the installation of your water cooler and ensuring that it’s securely attached to a wall, will make your environment safer too.

Hot, Cold and Sparkling Water

Water coolers can supply chilled, sparkling or even hot drinking water. With chilled water at around 7-11°C and hot water being dispensed at 87-90°C, it is crucial that your water dispenser is not tipped over. A hot water spillage could have serious consequences if it were to cover someone, and a cold water spillage can lead to slips and further accidents occurring.

It is essential that you comply with all possible safety regulations when fitting a water cooler in a public space, but just as critically at home. Providing a safe environment is paramount, and while you are thinking of people’s well being by introducing a water cooler in the first place, remember to secure it with a wall bracket set to keep it safe and securely in place.

Colleges, schools and public areas have strict health and safety regulations that must be adhered to. A wall-fix system is unobtrusive and very simple to fit, satisfying these safety risk regulations and avoiding any potential mishaps that could occur with the water cooler. Wall brackets are inexpensive and probably the most important ‘extra’ you can purchase along with your machine. Don’t be tempted to invest in a water dispenser without including appropriate wall fixings!

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