Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Wine Gift Bags

Summary: A brief insight on wine manufacturing in UK and what industry insiders think about wine gift packaging and wine gift bags.

It is believed that Romans introduced wine making in UK but according to archaeological discoveries Belgae in the east and south of Britain had a liking for wine prior the invasion of the Romans. During that period wine became a popular trade between Britain and France as well as Italy. After the invasion of the Romans in Britain, wine drinking became popular in the region. A further archaeological investigation in UK makes it clear that Northamptonshire and Nene Valley had established vineyards on a commercial scale. In the 11th century the French Abbots and their monks who were experienced in winegrowing introduced vineyards in different parts of Britain on a large scale.

Here's What Industry Insiders Say About Wine Gift Bags

Gradually in the Middle Ages, vineyards started to spread across all over Britain and in the 20th century there was the commercial revival. Over the years wine making became extensively popular in UK and became a major international trade. Today English wines, which own an indigenous manufacturing process and distinct taste, are considered as the world’s best wines.

Since ages wine has been a favourite beverage for the people belonging from the Mediterranean countries. Undoubtedly Brits stand on top of the list. Wine gifting to loved ones is common among the Brits on occasions like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays and observations like Easter or Christmas. Wine gift packaging is one of the essential parts for such occasions. During the Dark Ages, the Romans used wine amphorae to store and gift wines. They used Dolium and Oak Barrels to store and transport wine in large quantity.

Today wine manufacturers in UK still use oak barrels to store wine in large quantity. Wine is later bottled before transporting to wine retailers across the globe. Wine bottles own a class in itself with spectacular shapes, colours and designs. Still the need of arises as industry insiders believe that beauty should be gifted beautifully than just exposing its grandeur. Wine gift bags make a lot of difference in bringing an elegant and a stylish appearance in wine gift packaging.

Wine bags are made of exported quality gloss or matt laminated paper. One will also come across cloth wine bags which are made of fabrics like cotton, canvas, jute, organza, dupion and satin. Wine gift bags made of laminated paper are rich in texture having reinforced top and bottom base to hold and carry a 750 ml wine bottle. These are best recommended by industry insiders as gift bags for wines as these bags are available in stunning range of colours.

The ideas of gifting wines in U.K. have paced along with the idea of gifting it luxuriously. Gift bags for wines are nowadays widely used in U.K. for both gifting wines and storing wine bottles. These bags can also be customised to stunning printed form. Being an eco-friendly product, these bags are now exported across the globe and supplied online by e-commerce like Wholesale Carrier Bags to wine merchandisers or retailers.

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