Heavy Lift Telehandler Attachment Benefits

A telehandler that is capable of lifting heavy and awkward loads is a vital component of any construction project. The operators of a heavy lift telehandler have to be fully switched on at all times, working to high standards of health and safety at all times. Attachments for telehandlers offer flexibility of purpose within a number of scenarios. Working with a plant hire company to supple a construction project with telehandler equipment should also include an agreement to have use of a number of a attachments to provide a supplement to the application.

A telehandler itself is a vehicle used within construction that allows the operators to lift heavy items and manoeuvre them in even tight and difficult spaces. It works as a combination between a crane and a forklift truck, lifting to a higher level that forklifts, but with more function than a crane. The dangers relating to telescopic handlers relate to the training of the operator and whether they are capable of lifting and moving heavy loads without the vehicle tipping over. To do so can cause untold damage to the items being lifted, the immediate surrounding area and potential injury and fatality for the driver and passers-by.

In terms of attachments for telescopic handlers there are a number available, each suited to different tasks and locations. If you are working with a plant hire company that has provided you with your telehandler, speak to them about which attachments they have available, and how to use them accordingly for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Lifting Hooks

These attachments are to be attached directly to the telehandler and offer a robust characteristic that can be tweaked depending on your specific needs at any given time. Bags and other heavy materials can be carried easily when attached to lifting hooks.

Heavy Lift Telehandler Attachment Benefits


By adding sweepers the operator has the ability to sweep large sections of floor space within a fast timeframe, and with maximum efficiency. This helps to add another layer of health and safety within a workplace, as a tidy and clear area is always desired for safety reasons.

Man-Riding Cages 

This attachment offers an elevated working deck that is safe to use as long as it is kept at a safe distance from the forklift.

Big Bag Lifter

An attachment that allows for a vast number of bags to be loaded easily on to lorries and trucks when required. It works through two long prongs and stopping blocks.

Folded Rehandling Buckets 

Buckets are always the most popular of telehandler attachments, and there’s a reason why. Buckets are great for digging tasks, as well as for transporting large and heavy materials across site.

If you are working within an industry, or within a specific construction project, where there is the need for a heavy lift telehandler, there could be a number of different uses you have in mind. Working with a plant hire company will allow you to hire the necessary machinery, utilising their expertise and know-how to have use of the finest heavy lift telehandlers on the market today, but what about telehandler attachments? By making the correct choice of telehandler through a plant hire company will help you to run a project as smoothly as possible, and they should also be able to provide you with a number of options with regards telescopic handler attachments for a variety of purposes.

 Content written by Sandy Thompson

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