HCG Drops For Weight Loss – Lose It and Keep It Away!

Don’t you wish you had an effective way to lose all those pounds? You have no time for long workouts at the gym nor do you have the energy after a full day at work . Plus you need patience and time for home and family which leaves you drained. The end result is you have packed on the pounds. Unhealthy, stressed and not looking your best, you’ve tried all the diets out there and you have had enough. HCG drops are the weight loss find of the century! Effortlessly lose weight and keep it with this new way to lose weight AND end up keeping the pounds off after you stop dieting! I promise you that this may be the end of your search! Melt that stubborn fat off of your thighs, stomach, and arms and keep the lean muscle!

HCG Drops For Weight Loss – Lose It and Keep It Away!

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone released in the placenta when a woman is pregnant. It helps the fetus sustain itself by providing a nutritious environment. It has been known for 50 years that this HCG hormone helps people lose weight.

Clinical Trials Have Proven the Effect of HCG in Weight Loss

The HCG hormone gets the hormone leptin, which is created in your fat cells to be a kind of manager, to tell your hypothalamus that there’s enough fat around and to not eat. Not only does it help you suppress hunger but it helps burn fat throughout the body. So if you have to fight off the hunger to stick to a diet plan, this is the key! Researchers have discovered that you don’t even need heavy exercise for the HCG drops to work. You may lose a pound or two a day during the HCG drops diet period. Dr. Simeons was the original doctor to do experiments with HCG and weight loss back in the 1950s. He discovered that a restricted diet with 500 calories was very effective in helping patients lose weight. New research has shown that slightly higher calorie intake of 800 and 1200 are also effective in helping people lose and keep the weight off.

So What’s Happening to Help You Lose the Weight?

With a low-calorie diet (remember you don’t feel hungry anymore) and with light exercise, your body is able to burn fat to utilize for energy. So expect to improve every day as your body burns up the fat and keeps the lean muscle so you don’t gain weight again after your HCG treatment.  With a special low-calorie diet, you will shed those pounds. You’re not hungry anymore, so low cal diets aren’t a problem, remember?!

Your HCG doctor will help you decide which is best for you. Dr. Simeon agrees that the 800 calorie diet is just as effective as the 500 calories one he originally planned.

HCG Drops For Weight Loss – Lose It and Keep It Away!

How do I Use the HCG Drops Effectively?

It’s best to take the HCG Drops for 26 to 43 days the first time you try the diet. Combine this with a healthy diet and you should see positive results in two weeks. Make sure you are on a strict HCG diet plan while taking the drops to get the maximum results. Your HCG doctor should be able to help you formulate the proper diet chart ideal for you. There are two types of HCG drops available in the market. One is the homeopathic HCG Drops and the other is manufactured by Pharmaceuticals. The homeopathy hcg drops are made with all natural ingredients. The HCG manufactured by Pharmaceutical companies are of three types:

  • HCG Complex – this one is manufactured by BioSource Labs. It is reputed to have 11 different ingredients to get your hypothalamus into the satiated mode and get those fat cells burning.
  • HCG Triumph – It is a quality product which along with a low calories diet may stimulate rapid weight loss.
  • HCG 1234 – One of the leading brands in the USA, reviews show that it is very effective in helping to lose weight. These drops are reputed to help you even with a higher calorie diet plan.

The HCG Drops along with the HCG Diet plan could be an effective weight loss program for you. Consult your HCG doctor and your regular physician before you start. HCG Drops are available only on prescription in the USA. You may find it online too.  The side effects may include irritability, headaches, tiredness, swelling of limbs, or depression. Which is why you need a prescription; and medical supervision while on the hormone. Pure HCG Drops show the least side effects. Also, remember your body is releasing toxins and cleansing itself when you start the diet. So side effects should last only a week or so.

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