Great Ideas To Feng Shui Your Living Room

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it is nice to come to a place where you can take a deep breath and relax. Feng shui focuses on the flow of energy in spatial arrangement and orientation. While many of us may not be able to incorporate all the laws, integrating some of the concepts will also add more positive energy flow and make our entire homes more relaxing.

The main challenge with decorating a feng shui living room is to create a space that is practical and beautiful, but also one that have a happy, clean fresh and strong energy. Let me share with you some easy tips to feng shui your living room.

Declutter and Organize Your Living Space

Clean your space and organize everything. There can’t be a good energy in a room that is cluttered, the two of them can’t co-exist – it is either one or the other. Search the Net to find some feng shui organizational solutions that will help you clear the clutter.

Air and Light

The next step is to make sure your living room gets as much natural light and good quality air as it possibly can. If you have a few small windows in the room, add some mirrors to bring more natural light. Consider to layer your indoor lighting (floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, table lamps) as well. If you limit your lighting to just your ceiling lamp, this will tend to create a sad and depressive energy. The fresh air is also important, so keep the windows open. Poor lighting and stale air are one of the biggest enemies of feng shui.

Color Scheme

The colors have a huge impact on our mood. Each color is an expression of a specific feng shui element, so it is really important to have the right colors in your living room. Choosing them might take you some time.

Materials and Shapes

Just as there are feng shui colors for your living room, there are also specific materials and shapes that can strengthen the good energy. Explore which shape suit your room the best and decorate it. For instance, if your room is facing North, then glass or mirrored surfaces and wavy shapes resembling the flow of water are ideal for creating wonderful energy. Wood furniture are not appropriate for North facing living rooms.

Practical Beauty

Having a relaxed, yet beautiful living room for both adults, children and pets can be a real challenge. You can create an amazing space, but if it is not practical and you keep worrying about your children messing it up, then no matter how amazing your room is, this is not good feng shui. And beauty at the expense of practical use is not feng shui.

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