Casting Manufacturers Supplying Globe Valves To Shipping Industry

Globe valves are the castings used on board ships. Shipping sector people have replaced their bilge suction lines with globe valves. Globe valve casting is a linear motion valve that helps in regulating the flow of the fluid. It houses the disc and the valve seat. Manufacturers of globe valve arrange the casting with valve seat and the disk at right angle to the valve axis. The disc movement causes a space between the disc ring and disc, which opens the valve.

Casting Manufacturers Supplying Globe Valves To Shipping Industry

This feature of casting offers good throttling ability that helps in regulating the fluid flow. The globe valve is not only used for starting and barring the fluid flow, but also for regulating the flow.

How globe valve is constructed?

Built and design of globe valve is intended by manufacturing units as per the requirements. You can get three major designs of these valves from manufacturers-

  • Z body type valve
  • Y body type valve
  • Angle valve

Z-body type valve is the simplest and widely accepted design of globe valve. This design is ideal for applications involving water flow. Its name Z-body type valve is used due to z shaped diaphragm or partition in the bulbous body. The stem and the disk move to the valve body at right angle. The stem passes through the bonnet that is attached to a wide opening at the top.

Y-body type valve is used to solve the issue of pressure drop in globe valves. These types of valves are ideal for high pressure applications wherein issues related to pressure drop are common.

Angle valve design is the advanced design of Z-shaped globe valve. The inlet and outlet ends are located at right angles, whereas the diaphragm is a simple flat plate.

Globe valves can be applied in both low and high temperature applications. In low temperature applications, these valves are installed in a way that the pressure is under the disk. This protects the packing and prevents erosion to the disk and seat and helps in easy valve operation. In high temperature applications, the globe valves are installed in a way that pressure is above the disk. This prevents the steam below the disk from contracting upon cooling.

If you need more details on globe valves casting / las fundiciones de válvula de compuerta , you can get in touch with the casting manufacturers any time, from anywhere. You can search some contacts online and write your requirements directly to the support desk and get responded by experts.

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