Getting A Pardon In Canada – The Legal Process

Receiving a Pardon – which is now called a Record Suspension – is a person’s opportunity to move on with their life without a criminal record. One will now find that they can find a job, be educated, and travel freely. The legal proceedings involved with a Canadian Pardon, however, can be quite troubling. Any errors found in a person’s application process could easily spell instant rejection or delays.

Getting A Pardon In Canada - The Legal Process

The developments in legislation have complicated matter further in the application department. You need to ensure that your primary application is successfully filled out. Let us now focus on what makes up the meat of a winning Canadian Pardon application.

Your Court Information and Certified Criminal Record

The initial thing to do in such a legal process is to acquire the relevant court details as well as your criminal record, which must adequately submitted for reviewing by the government.

How to Acquire a Certified Criminal Record: One can achieve through the submission of electronic fingerprints to the relevant Ottawa commission, followed by a waiting period for the retrieval of such a document. Please keep in mind that an accurate report will rely on your attention to detail. You must ensure that all of your convictions have been accounted for, and any missing ones are covered by a Proof of Conviction.

Acquiring Certified Court Information: This will also be something you are responsible for acquiring by filling out all of the details to do with every one of your convictions, as well as how your trial was carried out, and the conclusive dates for payments regarding restitution or fines. You will have to communicate with every court you happened to be convicted within.

By going through an accredited company, you are assured a service which is A+ Accredited, which will fill out the above mentioned steps for you in a timeous and accurate way.

Acquiring Certified Local Police Record Checks

Once you have the relevant information regarding your convictions, you will now need to acquire the proper record checks from local police. This can be done by completing and handing in the official documents to the police. Please ensure that you write down every town or city in which you have lived in the past 5 years. The completion of the relevant forms with a stamp and seal placed is all for the police to do. Remember that a single mistake could spell the rejection of any application.

Preparing a Legal Pardon Document

Once you have the necessary data, you will now need to fill out the relevant documentation regarding a Pardon. Please keep in mind that it is your duty to understand the specific regulations, a failure to do so meaning your application could easily fail. Let us now consider the forms which need to be filled out:

  • The Records Suspension Application Form
  • The Measurable Benefits/Sustained Rehabilitation Form
  • Schedule 1 Exception Form

Processing Periods:

  • 6 months for summary offences
  • 12 months for trial by indictment
  • 24 months if your application has been considered for rejection by the Board
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