Ford F-150 Throws Serious Challenges To Auto Body Shops For Minute Denting

The use of aluminum panels for the automotive application is nothing new in the industry. Be it the hoods or deck-lids, aluminum has always been the most preferred choice for most of the car makers, especially when they want to shed a few pounds off the body to fit the vehicles in particular emission class. And this is the reason why a pretty good number of luxury cars like Jaguar, Range Rover, Ashton Martin, Audi, Porsche and now even Tesla prefer having most of their models entirely made up of aluminum. But the Ford F-150, which has been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for quite a few years have raised up few issues regarding the body repair, that might pose striking challenges to the auto body shops in Greensboro NC.

Ford F-150 Throws Serious Challenges To Auto Body Shops For Minute Denting

This particular model still retains the steel frame to go with the aluminum panels. But the amount of aluminum used, and the associated technology used in it will definitely call for the use of some new equipment and techniques in the body shops. Where actually lies the difference between all the luxury cars which are made up completely of Aluminum and the Ford F-150 that brings up such a problem for all the technicians? Most of the premium car makers, who have been using all Aluminum body parts, were pretty selective in making their models. They have approved only best of the body shops in Greensboro who could actually afford to get this costly equipment. Since they have been tagged as craft shops, they could charge higher rates from their customers and quite obviously find only a handful of competition in a large geographic area.

Knocking out the aluminum dents, even from the areas where there is complete access to the technicians, is a pretty daunting task and even an acquired technique. When the Ford F-150 panel is dented, and the access is just to the exterior portion, it is better to weld the aluminum pulling the studs so that the force is applied in pulling it out. Experts believe that there must be a substantial amount of care exercised in placing the ground clamps since aluminum is a great conductor of electricity. This is just one of the precautionary measures that most of the technicians must abide by while carrying out an Aluminum dent on the Ford F-150.

Another important precautionary measure that must be taken by the technicians is by maintaining the heat to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. One needs to be in a position to place a wet rag close to the joint and even apply some paint or crayon. Awareness of all these factors actually determines the quality assurance that the auto body shops will provide. Getting the right one to have your Ford F-150 running in the best condition might be tough, but a thorough research work might come up with the best choice. Follow the technical updates in the magazines and your hunt for a reputed auto body shop can be accomplished soon.

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