Factors For Reception Design Services

An office reception area decoration is an important part of a business. Reception design includes are of designing of the interiors of entire office and commercial building with beautiful colors to make it attractive as spacious for the beautiful colors to make it attractive as spacious for every office member. . It includes various designing and painting work used at various places and sections of office such as doors, walls, lighting, floor, windows, furniture, using miscellaneous design pieces.

Your reception area is often the first point of contact that your clients will get with your company and therefore it is imperative that the right image is achieved in order that your clients, shareholders and visitors are greeted with a positive first impression and one that makes them feel at ease. Once creating your reception design area there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration:

Factors For Reception Design Services

Available Floor Space

The first part of designing a reception area is to assess the space available, taking into account the entry point of the visitor so that they are immediately greeted with the desired visual effect you wish to project.

Condition of Walls and Floor

The condition of the walls and floor are crucial to the design. If they are currently in a bad condition the new design must incorporate products to address this.

Other aspects to be taken into consideration:-

  • Lighting
  • Incorporate Company Logo/Branding
  • Budget available
  • Color Schemes
  • Seating/Furniture
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Time scales
  • Sight lines from the Reception desk
  • Wheelchair access

Reception Furniture

In addition to the reception desk and seating, generally some form of table is placed within the seating area to either display literature or for visiting client’s personal use. This depends entirely on the space available.

Factors For Reception Design Services

 Reception Floor Covering

Reception floor covering is also another major design area to be considered. It must of course be covered in an extremely hard wearing cleanable fire proofed product, of which we have many different options available.

Reception Wall Coverings

Wall covering is another area which needs to be chosen carefully. Once more a durable hard wearing, cleanable, fire resistant finish should be achieved of which we can provide a huge range of suitable products.

Reception Lighting

Lighting within the reception area varies from one profession to another and vastly depends on the overall ambience the client wishes to achieve.


Accessories are greatly utilized in a vast majority of reception areas and might indeed enhance the overall look and feel of the area.

Here all the information about reception design and its different factors. If you want to know more about reception design through this link!

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