Explanation Of The CCTV Concept What It Is and How It Works?

Surveillance Camera is there to help you, but not everyone has the time or time to go into it. I will be happy to assist you by giving more explanation and making a suitable offer for your security system based on your wishes. In short, to give you some concepts, there is a shortened “what’s what and how” explanation you can read in advance. CCTV CCTV is an abbreviation for Closed Circuit TV installation, as used in surveillance camera.

Explanation Of The CCTV Concept What It Is and How It Works?

3G Camera

Images are sent via UMTS (3G network). UMTS is also called the third generation (3G) mobile communication and is nothing more than a name for the technology that allows a fast-paced phone to communicate and so can quickly process a lot of data. UMTS provides a higher connection speed to other mobile systems such as GPRS. Due to this higher speed, it is possible to realize a smooth image connection.

IP Camera

This type of camera integrates into your (wireless) network. The connection can be wired or wireless, depending on the model chosen. Because the cameras are connected to the Internet, you can log in from random locations to view images.

Recorder (with IP output)

Using a recorder allows you to view your pictures later. This by operation on the recorder itself. Nowadays, recorders are available with an IP output, making them accessible via the Internet. This allows you to access all cameras connected to your recorder from any PC with an internet connection. You can also rewind by the recorded images. In order to make multiple cameras accessible via the internet, Novodome advises in most cases to connect the “regular” analog cameras to a recorder with IP output. With your recorder’s choice, it is important to take into account the number of cameras you want to connect to and how long you can save the images.

Image Enso r

The image sensor largely determines the quality of a camera. The image sensor is the chip that ultimately processes the images. Various tests have shown that Sony’s image sensors provide the best images. Furthermore, there is a big difference between CCD and CMOS chips. CMOS is often found in the ‘simple’ cameras. All cameras that Novodome works with has CCD chips. The standard image sensors have a size of ¼ “or 1/3” A 1/3 “sensor is larger and gives better quality than a 1/4” sensor.


The lens of a camera determines the viewing angle. The lower the value the wider the angle. 6mm is the most common standard with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. For small space, a wider viewing angle is often better. A 3.6mm lens gives an angle of almost 90 degrees and can completely occupy 1 space. Remote cameras are often equipped with high value like 12mm. This gives an angle of about 35 degrees, which makes the detail at a distance more visible. With a varifocal lens, you can determine the viewing angle. This can range from 90 to 30 degrees.

Shutter speed

The shutter speed determines how dark or how light your image is. If a room is dark, the camera automatically adjusts so that the shutter stays longer per frame, causing light to fall on the sensor. If a room is very light, then it is done opposite. The light intensity in the room is continuously measured by means of a sensor in the camera. Thus the image is well exposed in all circumstances.

White balance

The white balance determines whether the colors are displayed correctly. Each type of light source (fluorescent light, sunlight, shade lamp, etc.) has its own white balance. If this setting is not correct, for example, a yellow or blue haze may come across the image. Modern video cameras continuously adjust the white balance, which always displays the colors

Video output

Professional cameras always have a BNC 75Ω bayonet connection. The cable used for this is BNC RG-59 cable, a coaxial variant that guarantees the best image transfer.


Night cameras are often equipped with infrared LEDs. Infrared light is not perceptible by the human eye, but for the camera. Thus the camera can “see” in full darkness. If you do not see anything, the camera still gives a good picture. Night View is the range of infrared LEDs in the cameras. The range is achieved by the amount of LEDs and their size. The more and bigger the LEDs, the greater the range at full darkness

Why choose a CCTV camera system?

A Home CCTV Installation can serve to monitor, monitor or check something or someone. In public places, such as the your home street, garden, garrage etc., it may have a cessation effect, which makes vandals or other criminals think twice before they hit their stroke. This makes you and your family feel safer. More and more individuals choose Home CCTV Installation to protect their property from burglary and theft or to observe the baby, animals and other things. An important development is to install and monitor the CCTV system on IP.

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