EuroEyes Is Making The History In Eye Surgery Within The Nations


EuroEyes, Germany’s biggest center for group of lens and laser eye surgery, today opened its new facility at Jinrong Street, Beijing, and declared to bring the world driving trifocal focal point implantation innovation into China for treating presbyopia. Situated the Headquarter in Hamburger, Germany, EuroEyes has 25 –year long haul involvement and is known for its expert and dependable specialists and sheltered and propelled treatment innovations. Till now, EuroEyes has completed more than 400,000 eye operations around the world. The opening of Beijing center will profit patients of high myopia, myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, cataract and presbyopia in northern China as well as Beijing. Mr. Michael Westhagemann, Vice President of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Siemens North in Germany as the Hamburg designation illustrative of Mr. Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ms. Zhang Qian, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Ms. Melody Qing, Deputy Director of National Health Commission of Xicheng District Beijing, Professor Wang Ningli, Chairman of Ophthalmology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, and the pioneers of the Seasons Place went to the opening function and trim strips.

EuroEyes Is Making The History In Eye Surgery Within The Nations

The convincing reason to being in China

What EuroEyes conveys to China is not just the most developed Equipment around the world, a group of expert specialists from Germany and European institutionalized administration, additionally brings the mutual esteem and the social obligation of a German organization to China. The EuroEyes Clinical Group thinks of it as an obligation to collaborate with the altruistic associations worldwide and energizes every one of the specialists, staff and patients to share the feeling of social duty of EuroEyes, to give free eye treatment to the eye patients living in poor and uncultured territories and to enhance their life quality. This time, The EuroEyes Clinical Group and Jinmao Group take dynamic part in the “Jincai Shijia” philanthropy extend, which expects to empower the visually impaired and eye debilitated youngsters to get the examination and treatment in time.

EuroEyes is equipped with expert specialists

Superb expert and specialists of the EuroEyes will give free determination and treatment to underprivileged kids and contribute their reality class proficient capacity to the group improvement in China. The venture will begin from the school for the Blind Kids in Shanghai. Standard examination and further treatment will be offered, proficient information of eye wellbeing particularly for the youngsters with low vision will be promoted to their folks and instructors in school. In the meantime, EuroEyes likewise participates with the Jiangsu Children and Teenagers Fund. Youngsters’ eye wellbeing related pilot undertakings will be propelled in Jiangsu. At the starting function, Dr. Joergensen said truly: “We are pleased with the way that the EuroEyes is the main therapeutic organization, which bolsters this venture. We will stick to give the vision impeded youngsters with restorative help and try our earnest attempts to enhance the life nature of these kids. “

The author of EuroEyes, Dr. med. Jørn Slot Jørgensen is respected one of the main experts in the field of refractive surgery. In the course of recent years, he has effectively finished more than 100,000 eye operations and has embedded the most multifocal focal points and ICL focal points around the world. He was granted as one of Germany’s Best Eye Surgeons by Focus magazine. Numerous big names are his patients, including Oscar tree Christoph Waltz. At the opening function, Dr. Jørgensen played out China’s first trifocal focal point implantation surgery, treating presbyopia for Tie Fu, an acclaimed motion picture maker in China, and propelled the treatment of presbyopia to another level.

Trifocal main implantation is appropriate for patients over 40 years of age who experience issues in observing close and far without glasses or contact focal point. The strategy replaces matured normal focal point with trifocal focal point, giving remarkable vision to patients to see things. After the surgery, patients can make the most of their live unreservedly without wearing glasses. It enhances patients’ life quality, as well as keeps away from waterfall later on.

EuroEyes is making its way to high

EuroEyes is outstanding for its propelled therapeutic gear, proficient specialists and superb administrations, and keeps up its initiative through developments. EuroEyes is among first to acquaint femtosecond laser innovation with treat waterfall on the planet. With forward-looking advancements, Dr. Jørgensen settled on the key choice in 2010 to investigate Chinese market and open another part of medicinal advancement with Chinese.

As one of the members in this venture, Jinmao Group dependably connects awesome significance to its social obligation. The Jinmao Group ascended in 2012 more than two millions RMB Yuan gift for the establishment “GIVE ME FIVE”. The participation between the EuroEyes Clinical Group and the Jinmao Group this time is based upon their basic will of partaking in the general population welfare foundations, which relates likewise the brand culture of Euroeyes: “To open the entryway of life.” EuroEyes Shanghai will give each Chinese patient a particularly for him custom fitted arrangement. Through the protected operation, agreeable condition and its polished skill, EuroEyes needs to pass on a solid disposition towards life to the Chinese open — to make the life before the “Eyes” more awesome.

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