Enjoy A Comfortable and Safe Ride In A 2 Seat Mobility Scooter

Getting older is a fact of life, and for many, the body starts to slow down long before the mind. In the past, that might have been frustrating for people forced to stop doing things they’ve previously enjoyed simply because it became too difficult physically.

Perhaps you can’t stand as long as you might have done previously, or walking around is more difficult than it once was. There is no point in continuing and suffering for things that should be enjoyable, but equally, stopping something you enjoy doing can be detrimental to mental health.

There is so much media coverage recently about increased incidence of depression, across many different age groups, and feelings of isolation are a particular concern for the elderly, particularly if there is no easy way for them to get around away from home and do things they’ve previously been used to doing.

Enjoy A Comfortable and Safe Ride In A 2 Seat Mobility Scooter

Adapt your lifestyle

Why should you give up getting out and about, when a mobility scooter could help negate the aches and pains? Some have been put off buying a scooter because of negative connotations of them being ‘only for the old’. However, this stereotyping is beginning to shift as more people realise how liberating they can be. So much so, people are finally beginning to ignore what anyone else might think and are getting on with things.

Two’s company

Nowadays, it is possible to buy a 2 seat mobility scooter, allowing you to transform your own life and that of a partner or friend as well, without anyone needing to push a ‘traditional’ wheelchair. The tandem model allows for social relationships to continue without having to rely on someone else for transport. Keep the spontaneity you used to have years ago by going wherever you want whenever you fancy on a 2 seat mobility scooter.

Things to consider

You might be glad of getting your freedom back by regaining some mobility, but if your issues are caused by deteriorating sight or hearing, or anything else that would preclude you from driving a car, then a mobility scooter might not be appropriate. However, you may be able to be the back seat passenger if your companion does not have these particular issues. Also, consider the terrain when looking at where you would like to use your scooter.

You should certainly make sure you are fully insured before taking out any sort of motorised vehicle, to protect both yourself and others.

Tandem scooter

Having a tandem scooter means nobody gets left behind! The two seats move independently, each fully adjustable, with a soft suspension underneath to make every journey a pleasure, even on uneven terrain. Pneumatic tyres cement the smooth ride, and a delta tiller handle makes this model easy to handle, even in tight spaces.

Don’t allow your personal circumstances to dictate your life and restrict what you are able to do. Do some research and you’ll find the perfect model to fit your revised lifestyle, and then don’t look back!

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