Discover The Benefits Of Instant Hot & Cold Water Taps In Your Office

Instant hot water taps are ideal for offices and can bring a range of benefits to your workplace. They are perfect for busy environments where you want to provide access to hot drinks but also want to reduce the amount of time employees spend away from their desks.

Discover The Benefits Of Instant Hot & Cold Water Taps In Your Office

What Are Instant Taps?

Instant hot & cold taps look similar to traditional designs, but as well as dispensing cold water, they also provide access to hot tap water that is warm enough to make coffee and tea.

The tap is positioned above the sink as usual and uses a thermally insulated tank below to ensure the water is at the right temperature. There is a range of hot and cold taps to choose from, with a variety of styles and features to suit different requirements.

Instant Hot Water

When you’re in a busy office, it’s important to keep your employees well hydrated, and they are likely to want tea, coffee and cold drinks throughout the day. Rather than having to wait for the kettle to boil, instant hot & cold taps enable them to make a quick cup of tea or coffee and get straight back to work.


The cost of energy can be a large percentage of a business’s outgoings, and any way that can reduce energy usage can make a difference to your profits. These instant taps actually require less energy than you might expect, as the water is only heated as it is required and only the necessary amount is warmed up. You don’t need to keep a large tank warm constantly or boil too much water in the kettle, so you’ll be using energy more efficiently and could save the company some money.

Safety First

Instant hot & cold taps are especially beneficial to businesses that want to limit the risk of accidents occurring. As there is no need to boil water in a kettle, employees are less likely to be scalded by spilt water, and the water that comes out of the taps is at the ideal temperature for drinking.

Cleaner Water

Water that comes straight out of a conventional tap can be full of impurities that you can’t even see because they’re so minute. However, these hot and cold water taps also filter out any of these impurities, making the water taste much cleaner and fresher.

Water How You Like It

People like different types of water, whether you want to make a hot drink, have a refreshing cold glass of water or something with a bit of a fizz to it, and these instant water taps can provide one solution to all these requirements. With a simple flip of a switch, your employees can enjoy water just as they like it at any time of the day.

If you’re considering an instant water tap, these are far more beneficial to offices than conventional plumbing systems, providing your employees with convenient clean water at a cost-effective price.

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