Different Types Of Hygiene Brushes To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

There are some essential tools that every person needs in their personal or commercial kitchen. The kitchen can quickly become the messiest room in the house due to constant food preparation, so it is important to have a few different types of hygiene brushes to keep your kitchen clean.

Whether you’re setting up a brand-new kitchen or simply looking to check that you already have the right brushes, our hygiene brush guide will help. Here are the six essential brushes that you need in your personal or commercial kitchen.

Different Types Of Hygiene Brushes To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Hand scrub brushes

When it comes to cleaning up plates and cutlery, a hand brush is essential. They are normally more hygienic than sponges or cloths, as sponges and cloths can absorb bacteria from food which then stays in the fabric. They are also better at removing tough stains due to their long bristles. It can also be useful to buy a larger hand scrub brush for tough spots on tables and counters. Make sure that you invest in water repellent brushes, so that they last longer and stay cleaner.

Brooms & scrubs for the floor

Cleaning the kitchen floor with a broom is much easier than cleaning the whole floor with a hand brush as it is less strain on your back and arms. It is best to choose a stiff bristled brush head for floors that get extremely dirty in order to be completely satisfied with the cleanliness of the floor after cleaning. On the other hand if you are simply sweeping loose particles, such as flour, then a softer bristle brush is best.

Water fed brushes

Water fed washing brushes have water flowing through the bristle clumps, which helps to keep a steady flow of water when cleaning as well as keeping the brush itself clean by removing trapped dirt and food. These brushes are perfect for extra dirty spots that other brushes can’t handle. Many people also choose to buy a water fed hand brush that they can use to wash plates and cutlery.

Bottle brushes

Cleaning bottles, tubes, tanks and pipes – anything that is an odd shape – in the kitchen can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be with tube and bottle brushes. These brushes are specifically designed to clean difficult to reach places, making it much easier to give your kitchen a thorough clean.

Choosing the best possible brushes

It can be frustrating to spend money on brushes that become frayed or broken within a few weeks of buying them. That is why it’s best to look around for high-quality brushes, that suit your needs.

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