Different Kinds Of Treads and Railings

There is different kind of staircase design (trap ontwerp) available in the market with the plethora of options available in treads and railings.

 Structure of the staircase


 When posts support the handrail from below and allow the handrail to flow uninterrupted throughout the staircase.

 Birdsmouth Stringer 

 Birdsmouth stringers are a design choice that results in the bottom edge of the stair stringer being continued into a ceiling or stair header.

Different Kinds Of Treads and Railings

 Big Foot 

 A big foot is a typical way of supporting a spiral staircase by vertically increasing the stringer to the floor. This is looking as a wedge-shaped support for the staircase.

 Stair Notch

 A stair notch is just a portion of a stair where the stringer placed to the sides of a wall.

 Railings of staircase

 Mitred Goose Neck

 A mitred goose neck upgrades the railing to match the end point of the adjoining railing on the post.

 Lambs Tail

 This is just the traditional decorative way of proving an ending to the railing.

 Stainless Steel Wall Bracket

 A stainless steel wall bracket makes a stainless steel hand railing to be attached to a glass panel.

 Modern Wall Bracket

 Modern wall bracket is a modern way of makes a hand railing to be mounted to the wall.

 Traditional Wall Bracket

 Traditional wall brackets are a traditional way of makes a hand railing to be mounted to the wall.

 Y Turn

 A y-turn is a continuous railing from top to bottom whose component allows nudging around a wall.

 Varieties of Treads

 Bullnose Bottom Tread

 A bullnose tread is specifically used for decorative purposes in which half circle is added to the sides of the bottom of the thread.


 Nosings are available in various choices but best are non-slip nosing that creates a safe walking surface on stairs that have become slippery without replacing stairs

 Tread Caps 

 Stair treads are the best choices for remodelling and reshaping the staircase in your home. There is a lot of choices available in wood stair treads in multiple wood thickness and sizes. You can find customised trading, starting steps, platforms according to the specific dimensions and design for your home.


 Diminishing Spindles 

 Diminishing spindles are used when railing ends into the underside of a ceiling creating an acute triangle shape.

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