Detecting ADHD Symptoms In The Youngsters

The youngsters or the youth are a category of individuals who are very frequently faced with innumerable problems. These problems are of various types, some related to their physical health as there are several hormonal changes, while some others are related to their mental health. The ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one such mental discomfort that the youth face in their prime years.

There are basically four sub-categories of ADHD, out of which one is based on the inattentive aspect, one on the impulsive aspect and the third on the hyperactivity aspect. Jonathan Lauter is an ace psychiatrist who understands each type of the medical condition and is absolutely capable of treating all kinds of mental disorders of children and adolescents. His compassionate attitude towards the victims of the mental disorders like Bipolar, Depression, Personality, Conduct, OCD and others, is what makes him so popular and sought after.

Detecting ADHD Symptoms In The Youngsters

Depending on the type of ADHD the symptoms can be identified. The typical hyperactive type of the disorder has the following symptoms:

  1. They look as if they are always on the move.
  2. The restlessness is very apparent.
  3. The hands and feet nervously move.
  4. They can be seen to move around and get up from their place frequently.
  5. They have difficulty in engaging themselves in quiet activities.
  6. They talk too fast and excessively.
  7. They cannot sit in one place even if they are required to.
  8. They face problems in interacting in any social scenario

The symptoms of the impulsive type of ADHD are different in many ways:

  1. These people often act without thinking.
  2. Show off their knowledge by answering question even before the question is asked completely.
  3. They basically have a problem of waiting for their turn, in other words they completely lack patience.
  4. This is why they tend to interrupt the conversations of others or even the activities of others.
  5. They have poor sense of judgement and decision making which is why often the particular child is not accepted within the peer group.

The other type of ADHD is the one in which the focus is on inattentiveness, the symptoms of this too are quite varied from the other two mentioned:

  1. Very little or no attention is paid by the patient to details which leads them to make careless mistakes.
  2. Concentrating on something or staying focused is another difficult thing for them.
  3. Making appearances of listening while they are not listening in reality when someone speaks.
  4. Becoming forgetful in carrying out daily activities
  5. Inability in staying organised, planned and carrying out assignments to the finish.
  6. Losing or misplacing things, not following instructions and
  7. Avoiding mentally challenging tasks

Even though you have the list of symptoms before you, it is not an easy task to identify this disorder very easily, hence it is important to consult renowned and efficient psychiatrists like Jonathan Lauter who have several years of experience. He will surely be able to guide you to the best of his ability and to your greatest satisfaction.

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