Damp Problems At Home And How To Deal With Them

When you buy a property, you put most of your investments on it. The most important thing that you must consider is, does the building have any damp problems? Particularly when the property is old, this becomes an important consideration, since the building might not have the damp proofing done.

You can find an agency that can do the damp proofing services in Kent done for you. With just a few clicks you can book a professional who can help you with this. Damp proofing is done by creating a moisture resistant barrier in the on the wall that will check the penetration of water.

Damp Problems At Home And How To Deal With Them

These damps are responsible for causing molds that have various microorganisms that can create serious health problems. It makes the place stink too.

The damps can be categorized into three following types – rising damp, penetration damp and condensation.

Rising Damp: They are the damps in which the ground water is very high and is high enough that it moves up the property. The damp proofing course DPC, should be able to check this flow, but if it does not work, it will penetrate the walls, making a tide mark along the wall. You can easily notice this by peeling paints on the bottom of the wall, damaged skirting boards and wet carpets.

Penetrating Damp: The prime reason of this is a damaged guttering or roofing. This type of damp moves horizontally on the walls and can be spotted by the damp marks patches on the ceiling, walls, and floors that they cause. Newer properties that have cavity walls protect the property in a better way than the older ones that had solid walls.

Condensation: The moisture on the walls sometimes get condensed and get intensified on one area on the wall. Because of poor ventilation, these can accumulate water can cause the wall to damp. If left unattended, these can create bad smell too, along with damaging the strength of the building.

Surveying your property: A professional survey can be conducted on your property that will calculate the dampness throughout the property and what course of action must be followed. This can help determine the expense you will incur during the whole damp proofing process.

Dealing with the issue: Inviting a damp proofing specialist will help you determine the health of the damp proofing and whether you need to get the damp proofing done or not. The specialist will help you with the gutter lines and the roof flashing issues.

Damping because of condensation can be handled with proper ventilation. Having fans installed in the area where humidity is bound to happen will help. Sometimes, the uneven heat distribution by the heating system might be causing the problem.

Damps create cracks on the building that will propagate because of the cooling and heating of water. This will weaken the property and reduce its life. The molds that are created by the damps generally make the whole place stink and becomes a breeding ground for fungi, algae and bacteria. This is very dangerous for our heath.

The damps on the walls are responsible for huge thermal losses to the building and damp proofing will make a good insulation. This will reduce the heat loss and help you save on electricity bills.

It is very important to get the damp proofing done by good professional damp proofing agency as damps reduce the life of your property drastically. It does not and cannot go on its own and can only increase if not done on time. Remember, procrastinating on this can really make things worse.

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