Is cPanel Right for Web Hosting Services?

cPanel is the most common tools for the management of website. Most of the hosting provider includes free cPanel in their shared hosting plans. cPanel is a Short for control panel. This is an graphical user friendly interface, a newbie can easily understand it.

And this nice piece of software enable the user to do the tasks effortlessly and speedily. It offers the end user everything necessary for setting up and maintaining a website successfully with a minimum fuss.

But there are also some cons of cPanel. Here in this article I mention the Pros and Cons of cPanel that help the user why to use it and why to stay away form it.

Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting


Easy to Navigate:

cPanel is a set of programs that simplify the complicated jobs. Instead of learning the programming languages now the user have to hit some clicks and that’s it job done. Things like setting emails accounts, subdomains, cron jobs, File manager, statistics and blogs are simplified through the graphical interface. Everything is categorize so that the user can easily find the any option.

Installing CMS:

Installing the desired content management system using cPanel is an effortless task, almost all the best wordpress hosting providers have built-in 1 click installer option within cPanel. All the CMS’s are given at the front. Instead of downloading the CMS file and then installing it manually require skills and also a time consuming process. Now you just need to hit a click and it will take you directly to the step by step wizard.


Now cPanel becomes the industry standard due to its user friendly interface. cPanel becomes more handy when it included the most popular set of scripts known as Fantastico. It automates a numerous of jobs including generating the MySQL tables. Now Fantastico expands so much and almost 650 scripts are available to choose from. This will eliminate the much of the manual work.

Require No Experience:

If you are new and want to set up a blog and afraid that how to manage the website then don’t worry start your Blog. Managing is never easy as now as before. Through this tool server management is very easy.



There are not too much negatives of using a cPanel. Because this tools is mostly commonly used and anyone can use this so there is always a chance that it got vulnerable. The hackers can targeted it. Besides this I did not found any issue. But I found some people saying that it lacks professionalism look. But in my opinion it great tool for management when there is a matter of managing small to medium websites.


Due to the simplicity, its popularity has steadily increasing and becomes an essential element that a customer must consider before buying a hosting plan. Some companies develop their own panel for the management of website but I think cPanel is better than all others, HostingSprout is one of the best places to learn more about web hosting providers. From the above pros and cons one can clearly derived the result that cPanel advantages are more than the detractions. So select a hosting with cPanel is great.

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