Concrete Pump Hire: Economical, Efficient and Eco-friendly Concrete Pouring

The unmatched durability and inherent strength of concrete are the key reason why it is one of the most used construction materials in the whole world. But you probably don’t know that concrete structures have carbon emission profile, which is mainly from the cement used in the concrete mix preparation as a binder. This is why the advocates of green building in the UK are recommending the construction businesses and small contractors use ready mix concrete.

Concrete Pump Hire:  Economical, Efficient and Eco-friendly Concrete Pouring

Ready mix concrete (RMC) use mineral admixtures and other cementitious materials, which helps reduce carbon emission from concrete buildings. RMC is manufactured in central mixing plants and then transported to construction sites in truck-mounted concrete pumps. It is typical to see large projects using concrete pumps, but these tools are a cost-effective and convenient choice for small and medium sized building projects.

Why Hire Concrete Pumps

The modern concrete pump range is an engineering marvel in many ways. The design of these pumps is such that it efficiently handles the concerns of construction businesses that conventional pumping methods can’t do.  Concrete pump hire from an established and certified ready mix specialist company will add quality and ease in your building project.

Following are some of the biggest benefits of choosing concrete pump rental.

  • Greater Speed: When you decide to buy concrete pumps on rental, concrete placement can be executed at a faster pace. These truck mounted tools can access every corner of the construction site and complete concrete pouring in minimal time possible.
  • Less dependency on Labour: Whether your construction site is in London or in any other part of the country, you probably know how finding a large number of skilled and experienced labours is a challenging job. Besides, there are many other concerns associated with employing labour during construction projects. But when you hire concrete pumps, you don’t need to hire labour to pour concrete mix manually across the site. The pump operator will complete the concrete pouring job more effectively and efficiently.
  • Quality concrete pouring: With mechanic pumps, there is no scope of human errors such as inaccurate, insufficient and misaligned concrete pouring. With concrete pump hire, you can enjoy excellent quality control on concrete placement at your worksite. Accurate concrete pouring results in minimal wastage. There will be no spills and lumps dotted all across the worksite. Some concrete pump rental providers also offer waste management service as a part of their pump rental service.
  • Excellent flexibility: Whether you want to pour concrete on a basement slab or on a tenth floor, concrete pumps can pour concrete mix can reach any challenging area of your work site. Trained concrete pump operators can pump concrete in both horizontal and vertical direction, as required. Concrete can be pumped to long distances quickly and safely. This will save you time and money eventually.

Find a Concrete Pump Hire Company

This is why it is essential to hire a right concrete pump rental provider company in your region. From concrete pouring and waste management to safety of all personnel at the worksite, these professional and certified pump operators offer a comprehensive solution for your building project. Most of the pump provider companies in the UK have their website.

Go online and begin your search for a concrete pump hire company which is committed to offering quality and safe execution of concrete pouring at the most competitive rate.

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