Common Signs Of A Bad Brake Rotors

Disc brake rotors are actually the metal discs, which work along with the calliper and the brake pads to slow down the vehicle. Rotors are connected directly to the wheel hub. Thus, they are having spinning speed equal to the wheel speed.

The rotor uses the friction from the direct contact of the brake pads for slowing down the vehicle. They wear out over time. Thus, need replacement. Usually, when rotors incur a problem, there are some common signs alerting the driver that it needs attention.

Common Signs Of A Bad Brake Rotors

Vibrating Brakes 

One of the primary symptoms of a bad rotor is too much pulsation or vibration of the brakes. Rotors that have worn out excessively will vibrate irregularly. You can feel this vibration in the pedal. At times, through the chassis of the vehicle. Warped rotors also offer a pulsating feel that you will feel in the pedal while applying the brake.

Grooves on the Rotor

Another peculiar symptom of failing or bad rotors is a groove on the rotor face. With time, the rotor might develop scoring or groove marks. This is because of the repeated contact with the brake. Grooved or scoring rotors might hamper the performance of the brake. In fact, it can slow down the vehicle. It can cause pulsation or vibration, which you feel in the pedal. Eventually, the grooved rotors require replacement.

Noisy Brakes 

This symptom is commonly associated with a bad rotor. If the rotor has completely worn out, then it might cause a squeaking or squealing sound. Warped rotors produce squeaking sound, while worn rotors make a scraping noise.

Vibrating Steering Wheel 

The brake callipers and the brake rotors are attached to the same spindle that the wheel is attached to. This is the reason in some cases the vibration of the warped braked rotor is transmitted through the brake callipers on the steering wheels and the wheels.

Damaged Wheel Bearing

Common Signs Of A Bad Brake Rotors

If the wheels are not bent and yet there is a wobble, there is a chance that the worn-out wheel is used excessively. This might lead to inconsistent brake pad and warped rotors along with some serious issue. If the damaged wheel is the culprit, make sure to replace it immediately.

Malfunctioning Calliper 

Since the brake calliper squeezes the rotor together, a brake calliper that is not functioning properly might exert excessive force on the rotor. This might cause it to go off-balance, which in turn, can cause warped rotors.

When you plan to replace or repair the brake rotors, you have to make sure to choose the right auto repair shop. Check out some of the tips to choose the best auto repair shop to replace the rotor.

  • Make sure to choose a shop that has experienced and highly skilled experts. This way you can be sure that they will take proper care of your car. In fact, experienced mechanics are pretty through with their job.
  • Choose a car repair shop that has a proper certification for the job. Most of the time, certified repair shops have to follow a specific set of rules and regulation to make sure that the customers obtain excellent service.
  • If you want to get excellent service, you have to choose a service that has a good reputation. Before you choose the repair service, check what the existing and previous customer has to say about its service.
  • Do not forget to get a quote before you finalize the auto repair shop.

The rotor is an important part of the brake system. Thus, is important to maintain the overall safety of the vehicle. If you suspect damage or worn in the rotor, get the vehicle checked by a professional.

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