Common Problems And Solutions Of Video Conferencing System

At present, with video conferencing system being widely used by the major companies, there are some failures are inevitable. In the following part, we come to discuss the common problems and solutions brought by video conferencing system.

Common Problems And Solutions Of Video Conferencing System

In the use of video conferencing systems, connected to the camera after the link power supply, the video fails to display? If there is such a problem, that is, video conferencing system’s power supply is failed in the connection. In this case, you need to check the video conferencing system on the circuit. The camera in the video conferencing system, cannot be self-test. If there is noise, there may be power loosened. If the power is not loose, then the product is a problem, you need to repair.

During the use of video conferencing system, if the remote control can not control the phenomenon of the camera, that usually means the remote control battery is dead, or the operation of the distance is too far beyond the distance that the remote control can control the range.

If the video conferencing system appears when the PTZ rotation image disappears, the main problem is the power is not big enough, or the video line caused by poor contact, you need to directly check the relevant parts.

During the video conference, sometimes you may find the video image is not coherent. That usually be caused by your own network operating environment and the setting of the system itself. On this occasion, you ought to first check whether your bandwidth meets the needs, and then use some means to see whether the network is delayed, loses packet. Then, you can solve this problem by adjusting the image size (using smaller resolution), stream, and frame number.

If you find the image quality that display device obtains are not as good as the ones when directly connected to the video interface. This problem arisen is related to the capabilities of image acquisition and processing of the device with the digital interface. That’s because modulus conversion will inevitably result in image quality loss. In this case, you’d better consult the video conferencing provider.

The problems and solutions mentioned above are the common ones you might like to encounter while using the video conferencing system. If you happens to run into these problems, hope try the solutions mentioned above can help you figure them out.

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