Choosing A Basement Company Is A Critical Decision

One of the unfortunate features of basements is that they’re beneath ground level. As a result, we often walk past a basement development and all we see is the site shuttering. Only occasionally do we have the right vantage point to watch the work unfolding and appreciate the complexity and skill of what is taking place, but when we can’t see the building we probably don’t notice the company’s signage either.

So when homeowners, businesses and commercial investors begin thinking of a development project the first names that come to mind are probably those of big but ordinary building companies – the ones that have signs attached to the eye-catching stuff that goes up on top.

Choosing A Basement Company Is A Critical Decision

Basement companies have stronger skill sets

One quality that distinguishes construction of basement levels from upper floors is complexity. Everything that serves upper levels begins in the basement level, and only the basement level contends with what lies beneath, for instance, geological conditions, historical obstructions like old foundations, service pipes, water streams or tunnels. It can’t rely on natural light and air-flow, so all these things are engineered.

If all those things weren’t hard enough, the basement also takes more weight than any other floor and in fact, it takes the weight of every other floor.

So if it’s clear that the superstructure of a building depends on the build quality of its basement foundations isn’t it equally clear that everything depends on the expertise of specialist basement construction companies?

London is a challenging place to work

For a basement company in London some of those difficulties are multiplied because there is more history, more density, more neighbours and more regulations. It is a harsh environment for construction companies, but as a result, those with a proven track record of successful basement builds in London probably have more experience and expertise than those used to operating in less intensive parts of the country.

London is an architecturally exciting place to work. There is a greater variety of projects than exist in other cities and often more capital for adventurous builds. As a result, our specialist companies acquire an even greater repertoire of skills and a portfolio of creative ideas.

Consult a specialist basement company in London early in your project

If you don’t consult a specialist at the earliest possible stage, you waste your opportunity to profit from much of their expertise. They may suggest solutions and features you would never have thought to incorporate. Their experienced advice could save you much wasted time, and money, navigating building regulations, planning consent and insurance companies. Some of this casual advice might even be forthcoming for free.

By the time you’ve paid your architect for the blueprint and run it through its various planning hurdles that opportunity may be all but gone.

Remember too that a building project requires more than planning of the building – it also requires planning of the project. A specialist project engineer who is there from the inception will have a firmer finger on the pulse throughout your build.

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