At inception, the cherry picker had only one use. Picking cherries, as the name insinuates. Over the years, the scope of its use has broadened. To cater increased applications, it has also been called basket crane, elevated work platform, hydra ladder or boom lift.

Simply put, a cherry picker is a mechanical device that employs the use of hydraulics to hoist a working platform. With this aid, individuals can safely access elevated points and work with relative ease.

Cherry pickers have several uses. Its uses cut across several industries. They include:

Harvesting Fruits.

Have you ever seen a juicy fruit seductively dangling high up on a branch and wondered how you could get it? I bet we all have. In such a case all you need is a cherry picker. You don’t have to risk climbing the tree.

Fruit farmers with large numbers of fruit trees would so much appreciate the services of cherry pickers. It enables them harvest fruits quickly and safely.

Servicing Telephone and Electricity Lines.

The use of cherry pickers has made easy the maintenance of overhead wiring. It grants a safe access to overhead powerlines and telephone lines enabling workers adeptly carry out their work.


Cherry pickers are indispensable in the construction industry. The higher up the structure goes increased is the need to hoist construction materials over long distances. Work well done by cherry pickers.


Warehouse applications

Cherry pickers come in handy in warehouses too. In conjunction with forklifts, they may be used for placing and picking items from the elevated racks.

Structurally, warehouses are usually huge. Certain vital components are out of reach. This necessitates the use of cherry pickers for general warehouse maintenance and cleaning. Such activities like replacing light bulbs, installation and repair of racks and air conditioning equipment.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Buildings.

From time to time buildings need repair, repainting and other facelift activities. Maintenance also entails cleaning. This may prove a challenge if it is to be done on high above the ground.

For instance a chimney needs fixing or a window in the upper flows of a building that needs replacement or cleaning. A roof or gutter that needs fixing. A wall or a ceiling board that needs repainting.

Ladders are often the first resort. However for stiff and obviously dangerous elevations, you have to go for the conqueror of heights, the cherry picker.

Firefighting and emergency services.

Rescue workers have benefited a great deal from the use of cherry pickers. It enables quick and safe access to higher elevations to launch rescue operations. This is very necessary when it is impossible or too dangerous to access such points from ground up.

Firefighters have also made good use of cherry pickers to put out fires that break out in storey buildings. It enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the firefighting effort. And in case persons are still trapped in the higher flows they are easily lowered to the ground in the basket crane.

Entertainment industry.

When filming movies or events there arises the need to get a high angle perspective. At high elevation, the interesting view of capturing the entire act at a go is achieved. Nothing gives you the sky view perspective better than the use of a cherry picker. Cherry pickers may also be used in lighting during the filming. They suspend lights above the soundstage.

F. Aldea is a freelance publisher and foodie whose work has been highlighted in personal blogs, websites, publications, and TV advertisements.

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