Building Instant Trust On Your Website

You may have a trust problem if you have the people coming to your site but they are not converting. Just think of it like this, when is the last time when you bought anything online? Well this can be anything like some product on eBay, some online services or even simply reserving on a restaurant. Since there are tons of providers available in the market for everything you point at, you would surely have done some research at least on the ones showing on top.

How to check if the Company is Reliable?

The best way to research about any company to determine whether it’s reputable and reliable or not is the reviews and testimonials. For sure, your website is not different from them. Just ask yourself, if your products and services are available online then why you have not having enough sales. It’s all about the trust. Just because your website doesn’t have mentioned testimonial and reviews, the visitor find it risky to buy your products or services.

Building Instant Trust On Your Website

Just remember, human beings always prefer to lower their risk. If you competitor offers your audience the lower risk than you do, they would surely go towards your competitors.

Undoubtedly, you must be having an exquisite website ornamented with latest design trends created by the top web design in Dubai. But if it’s not going to pay you back if it doesn’t carry those trust signals. It’s extremely important for you to have your online existence embellished with some authentic trust signal otherwise your online audience won’t prefer to buy from you.

What sort of Testimonial?

Testimonials are presented in text and videos. But the videos are considered to be more authentic ones since it’s all about trust. For instance; you need to buy something and Google search results took you to some website that you might not have ever seen before. You check out some page and the then you land upon the testimonial page where you get to read number of good reviews about the company.

How likely are you to believe that it’s true? How can you even determine that whether these have been added by the real customers or have just been obtained through fake, paid and sketchy ways? Therefore, just make sure that you choose to get the video testimonials on your website and this will help you in trust building.

How to Get the Video Testimonial?

If you are worrying about the equipment and all, just don’t be. Just a mobile phone with a camera and video option is enough. Make sure that it’s has a good quality. Besides that, you are supposed to choose which of your valuable clients you will be interviewing. Just pick the ones you have better personal understanding with as they will go an extra mile to give you better comments.

What Questions to Ask for the Video Testimonials?

Here are the few questions that you must ask for the testimonial;

  1. What frustrated you a lot before you found us?
  2. What were your objections to choosing us before you did?
  3. How did our products or services help you?
  4. Would you recommend us to others?


Are you worry about the trust building on your business online? Just check out the article now.

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