Best Eating Spots In Hyderabad To Satiate Those Hunger Pangs

The great appeal of Hyderabad lies in its capacity to consistently consolidate its advanced, new era with its old legacy. The alleyways of Secunderabad, Nampally, and Char Minar are inundated with impactful food aromas that emanate from the rich Andhra cooking with rich Nizam culinary offerings. So if you are on a food spree in the city, there’s a cup of Irani chai and a rich delicate Osmania scone waiting ardently for you.

Getting down from one of those Bangalore Hyderabad flights? It must have been quite a tiring and boring affair, no? So what could possibly cheer you up at this moment in Hyderabad should be a rich, authentic Hyderabadi biryani. The mere mention of this heavenly dish can evoke those hunger pangs instantly. Here’s a list of some of the most famous and best eating spots in Hyderabad to tame the foodie in you.

Best Eating Spots In Hyderabad To Satiate Those Hunger Pangs

1. Chutney’s

Guntur Idlis, Uttapams, Corn Dosa-These are only a couple of the reasons why one can never grab a seat at Chutney’s, Hyderabad’s most acclaimed vegan eatery in Banjara Hills. Authentic South Indian treats with extraordinary delights such as the Paneer Tikka Dosa, make this spot stand out in the dosa competition. Potentially the best stop for a normal South-Indian breakfast, a feast for two here costs Rs 800 on an average.

2. Paradise

This spot is one of the most revered Biryani centres in Hyderabad. It’s said to have lost the sparkle now as compared to the bygone days, yet is as well known as ever. Other than the biryani, the falooda too at Paradise actually lands you into paradise. So all the biryani lovers, are you listening?

3. Shah Ghouse Cafe

A hot favourite amongst the local people, and now, also famous amongst the travelers for its haleem, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, Shah Ghouse Café also serves the best Irani chai found in the city – a hard specialty to keep up given the quantity of Irani bistros that are present in the more seasoned parts of the city. The eatery claims that the Irani chai that it serves has not changed in the last 50 years! Located in close proximity to Charminar, remember that it’s a far cry from those extravagant hygienic eateries settled serenely in Banjara or Jubilee Hills. So think before you eat!

4. 10 Downing Street

The haven of both the elite and the young, 10 Downing Street is additionally well known for its Karaoke evenings on Thurdays and the bar lunch wherein for just Rs 150, you are served a complete supper, be it Chinese, Continental or Indian, along with a complimentary glass of beer or a soft drink. What more on Earth could you ask for?

5. Blue Fox

Roosted upon the fanciful Minerva Coffee Shop, another boast-worthy culinary spot in Hyderabad is the Blue Fox, which holds a treat for every Biryani fan on the earth! Not just the biryani, but the other delicacies mentioned in its menu are worth trying. This one’s truly a foodie’s best bet.

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