Bernshtam Is Very Passionate About Automobiles

Chicago is one of the most popular cities in the United States and even in the world. Various factors have made it popular to the world and now it accommodates huge number of people – working, studying, starting their business from here or just living with their gamily. Whatever the causes be, it is hugely populated.

Bernshtam Is Very Passionate About Automobiles

Here are some of the most dominating reasons which make Chicago more popular than other cities of the United States.

  • The location of Chicago is one of the most important reasons for its towering popularity. The city is located at the perfect place to reach out for quick flights around the country. Being in Chicago makes it easier for the people to move to any part of the country without much a hassle and delay.
  • The city is very close to a beach. People in Chicago get to live the beautiful experience of bike paths along Lake Michigan and Lakeshore Drive. It is simply a treat to the eyes and one of the reasons for people preferring this region.
  • The streets, sidewalks, and buildings of the city are marvelous examples of brilliant planning and architecture. It is said that from Chicago, some of the greatest American architecture was created.
  • Chicago is also thronged by people for its sports. Baseball is one of the most talked about games that people in Chicago never thinks is enough.
  • One of the most interesting elements of this city which equally appeal to people is that the city has a mixed population. The diversity of this city is something that further attracts people from different parts of the United States and other countries as well.

The city is crowded with real estate developers because of these diverse reasons which increase the popularity of the city. Eugene Bernshtam is one of the most popular real estate builders who have a different approach to making real estate properties.

Gene Bernshtam was born in Eastern Europe and has graduated in finance from Loyola Business School. Soon after graduating, he worked as an investment banker and later he found a company for auto business and even found a real estate company known as Avalon Holdings LLC.

Mr. Bernshtam’s experience in the banking and finance industry and even in the real estate business has placed him at an advantageous position to see beyond the prevailing situation. Real estate is what he takes interest in for professional causes but apart from this, Mr. Bernshtam is very passionate about collecting and restoring classic automobiles. After graduating he has even found a company for auto business. He absolutely loves automobiles. Mr. Bernshtam is a member of the Ferrari Club of America (FCA) and the Lamborghini Club of America. He is also a member of the Illinois Secretary of State Licensed Auto Dealers. Gene has been taking active interest in automobiles and also participating in many related events. Mr. Brenshtam has even won several prestigious awards by participating in judged classic automotive concourses from all over the country.

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