All You Need To Know About Window Tinting For Cars

Window tinting is a nice and cost effective method to add aesthetics to your car. It includes laminating the glass from inside by film that is usually made from polyester. There are two ways you can do this, you can hire a tinting agency or do it yourself. It is however advised to hire a professional tinting agency for this task as a bad tint is better than none.

All You Need To Know About Window Tinting For Cars

There are various agencies that you can find either in the newspaper or online for this job. There are many types of window film tint for cars that are available depending upon the type of requirement you have.

Uses: There are many uses of window tinting, some of them are listed below:

  • Heat and glare reduction
  • UV rays filtration
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Safety and Privacy
  • Decoration and aesthetics

The tint reduces the heat and UV rays from entering inside your car and keeps the plastic and fabrics in your car from deteriorating and discoloring. This adds life to your car’s interior and your belongings that you keep in the car. Also, the heat is effectively blocked by the tint and hence it improves the performance of your car’s air conditioner as well as reduces the fuel consumption by the AC. Window tints can prevent up to 80% of sun’s heat from entering.

The glare of the sun is usually very distracting to the driver and can be dangerous too. The front glass is thus tinted at the upper part to prevent this. For others too, the glare causes strain and fatigue to the eyes and can cause sunburns too if you’re on a long drive, this can be really painful. A tint that provides UV protection can filter up to 95% of the UV rays.

Not just that, tinting increases privacy as it becomes very difficult to recognize a person and his belongings behind a tinted car-glass. The tint laminate also protects the glass as the laminate can absorb more shocks in an event of sudden strike.

The new car tinting films that have come up in the market do not interfere with Navigation Signals, Bluetooth or any other type of signals.

Window tints come in various shades that can match with your requirement. However, it is advised to know which tint is not allowed in your area since in some locations dark shades are not permitted by law. The company from where you are willing to buy the tint will help you know if it is permitted in your area or not.

How it is done? 

The tint film is very cautiously applied to the glass from one edge and is pushed with the help of a squeegee. Make sure that you remove any kind of dirt and bubble since this will make it look bad. Apply blower to the glass, this will accelerate the drying process and make it stick firmly for a long time.

Warranty: Check if the manufacturer is providing a warranty. So that in the case of damage, it can be replaced without any cost. It is important that you ensure that you get no fade warranty for a long time. Also, make sure that the tinting does not interfere with the defrost lines on your windows.

Window tinting is an essential and easy way to fulfill the various needs that it serves. But once installed it can remain there for a long time, hence it is important that you get this thing done with the help of professionals that have the right knowledge of tint that you will be needing.

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