All About Granite Worktops

Granite is extremely hard and durable as it is mined from the compressed molten rock underneath the Earth’s surface.

With its high resistance to heat, granite doesn’t blister easily. When used for kitchen and/or bathroom worktops, Granite is far superior to synthetic, marble, and laminate materials. It also has a luminous quality when polished appropriately.

All About Granite Worktops

Granite is actually made up of complex mineral crystals, the most common being quartz and feldspar. But an array of other minerals can also be mixed in and these make each slab of granite extremely unique.

Granite stones are drilled out of quarries in large blocks and specialized milling machines cut the granite stones into workable slabs. Granite can also be custom-built and professionally installed, but it is available in pre-cut worktops as well.

Installing Granite

All About Granite Worktops

Whether you plan to DIY or have your granite worktops professionally installed, the process is definitely labour-intensive and requires meticulous skill and measuring.

Accurate measurements are extremely crucial, so be sure to note even the little details like appliance openings. Templates are very helpful in calculating cuts for cook tops and sinks. You should also use vulcanized rubber paint-vapour barrier or a plastic sheeting between the sub-counter and the granite worktop.

Silicone is then applied between two slabs to allow expansion and contraction, and a special kind of epoxy secures the granite worktops in place.

Sealing Granite

Nowadays, most granite worktops don’t need to be sealed, but it does help the stone resist spills and dirt, which can cause staining and etching over time. By nature, granite stones are moisture-resistant, however, they’re also porous. That is why sealants are important as they block liquids from seeping into the granite surface.

So, are you now convinced that granite worktops are the best choice for your bathroom or kitchen revamp?


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