A Simple Web Design Is A Powerful Design

According to a research published on the designs of websites, a website design is the first thing to attract visitors and hold them. The report further says that on an average a new visitor spends only 30 seconds on a website and during this period if he finds it attractive and informative, then he will stay otherwise he will leave.

When visitors search for some information or services, they continue this process till they find a website of their choice. Experts believe that a website design cannot be attractive for all the people who are visiting it, but there are certain things which can make your website design attractive and powerful. Powerful in the sense, you can include easy to use navigational features, which visitors can use for gathering relevant information. The professionals of a web design company only have 30 seconds to create an impression on a visitor’s mind. Here are a couple of things which you need to consider for a powerful website design.

A Simple Web Design Is A Powerful Design


You need to dish out the information which is genuine and informative. Content which is written in a simple and clear way will help the people understand it. Your language must be crisp and grammatically correct. By having a website, you have a global presence and people from English speaking as well as non-English speaking countries will visit it. Simple language has an advantage as people can acknowledge it easily. This is also an organic way to generate regular traffic to your website. In case you are starting a new business, you cannot establish your brand overnight. Establishing a brand image requires efforts on a regular basis. Never provide the information that is not correct; never make the promises which you cannot keep. In case of displaying different products, stay away from displaying thosethings which you cannot supply. Mention it in bold letters that this product is out of stock.


A website designed which is complex and difficult to understand will irritate your visitors. They will find it difficult to get the information they are looking for because of complex features. A user friendly website design offers easy navigational process. It not only benefits your visitor in getting information, but it will also help you in getting genuine traffic.

Many times you have seen that people use different colors. Improper color choice can make a web page look awkward. If it is in accordance with the website theme, then it will benefit you. I have seen a lot of web designers using background images. In such situation if the text is of the same color, you cannot read it properly. Take care of these small yet practical things. To make navigation easier, put all the features on your homepage. Designers use Flash player, but many times it slows down the website. In such situation your visitors may get disenchanted and leave your website. You are supposed to hire a web design company with a sound experience in web designing. This will ensure that you get up to the mark services.

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