A Short Brief On The Different Types Of Labels Used In The Clothing Industry

Labeling holds an important position in today’s competitive world. Now, when the face value matters the most, clothing industry won’t be able to function without labeling. There are many reasons for which labeling have gained popularity in the industry. Firstly, labeling gives an identity to a brand with all the essentials like the brand name, the tagline, the manufacturing place and much more. Secondly, labeling makes a brand eligible to stand out in the competition with its uniqueness.

A Short Brief On The Different Types Of Labels Used In The Clothing Industry

There are different types of fabric labels available in the market and are used by different clothing lines. If you own a clothing line, you could relate to this article as it focuses on the various types of labels utilized by the different brands in the industry. Keep reading below to know more:

  • Brand label- The brand label is always the main label consisting the brand name and the tagline of the company. In a word, you can say it acts as an identity or the face of a company. So, needless to say, that it’s the label that the brand can’t do without. 
  • Care label- The care label is the one that contains the instruction of washing and care methods of apparels. It is generally attached at the side of the garment. Hence, it is one of the chief labels that is compulsory in the labeling industry.
  • Size label- This label reveals the size of the attire and serves as a great help for the customers while they shop. This is because the customers refer to the size label in order to get the one that suits them. 
  • Manufacturer label- It’s necessary to know the manufacturer of the company and this label contains the information to enlighten the customers. For this reason, the clothing line has to include this label.
  • Flag label- It’s a small label that is generally attached at the outside with brand logos. It is used as design feature where there’s scope for creativity for the label makers.
  • Batch mark label- This label informs the customers of the sewing line or batch that has made the garment. The customers aren’t concerned with this particular label but it’s needed during the inspection to check the quality of the attire. And it is attached at the side seam under the wash care label.

The above-mentioned labels are the mandatory ones that are present in all the garments manufactured by the different brands. And for all the label manufacturing companies, creating these labels is crucial as they are used by all the clothing lines.

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